The Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ guests Muffy Mendoza and LaDina Anderson [AUDIO/VIDEO]

The Hey Girl Hey Podcast Top L/R: Muffy Mendoza, Ki Ki Brown, LaDina Bottom: LaShawn Tipton and Gerri Tipton

This week’s podcast episode was strictly made to empower women who have had to make difficult decisions throughout their lives.

Two of our guests have lived through some devastating challenges but never allowed them to stop them from being an inspiration to others.

Muffy Mendoza is a wife, mother, artist, author, and curator for the Brown Mama Monologues and writer of the Brown Mamas Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love, and Home.

LaDina Anderson is also married with children and author of Killing Grace: A Rise to Restoration; which is a book inspired by not only her personal experience with abortion but a collective testimony from other women who have made the tough decision to terminate a pregnancy and continue living under the stigma.

We also tackle living in our own personal bubbles during the coronavirus quarantine, share what we had never realized before the stay at home plan and how we use spending (online shopping) to cope!


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