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  • NFL Update : Special Guest Curleta Harris
                          NFL Update  [10/31/20] This week Margo sits down with Matt Mauclair to discuss the NBA, The Bubble and the Social Injustice Movements taking place. Click here to Enjoy past “Give it Up” Episodes The post NFL Update : Special Guest Curleta Harris appeared first on Urban […]
  • Go Green: 4 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags
      If you’re among the millions who are trying to go green, you probably do a lot of recycling. If you’re like most of the people who recycle, you probably wonder what to do with the plastic bags that your bread or produce comes in. You don’t want to throw them away and add to […]
  • Breast cancer screening by age 40 or younger for Black women advise Beaumont researchers
    Newswise — Though Black women get breast cancer at a 3% lower incidence rate than white women, they are 42% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women. Wait a minute! That doesn’t make sense. Isn’t the death rate from breast cancer on a downward trend? “We were astounded by this huge difference. […]
  • LeBron James, CNN to partner on Tulsa race massacre documentary
    Lebron James is on his way to bringing the story of Black Wall Street to the screen. Variety announced The SpringHill Company and CNN Films will produce Dreamland: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street. The documentary will examine the Tulsa Race Massacre that occurred in late May and June 1921 when white residents destroyed Black […]
  • Barack Obama says Trump trying to dismantle ACA through Supreme Court
    President Obama wants Americans to understand the history of the Affordable Care Act. In a long-form piece for The New Yorker, Obama details the history of healthcare in the country, defines the purpose of the plan and the fight to get the bill signed into law. But Donald Trump has been vocal about his dislike […]