The Best Parenting Advice You Will Ever Read

It is common to hear people say that they hope they never raise their children like their parents did, however, more often than not,...

8 Money-Saving Tax Tips for Parents

Updated for Tax Year 2015 OVERVIEW No one ever said raising kids would be a cost-effective undertaking. But after your initial "investment" in diapers, baby food...

Urban Media Today Salutes The GOAT

THE MAN Boxing was just one of the amazing facets of Muhammad Ali – the man. His story, told in and outside of the ring,...

The Three Sure-Fire Ways to Learn About Safety

by: Michelle Annese Hey kids, there are different levels of safety and those levels depend on the situation you are in and the decisions you...

Public safety factor

Public safety is becoming a trending topic these days because of the many different dangers that pose threat to individuals and society in general....

How To Have Great Ideas

by: Steve Gillman Want to have great ideas? You could try waiting to see if they pop into your head someday, and they honestly might....

The Four Golden Rules Of Personal Finance

by: Francis Kier Many successful people have mentors to guide them in learning the skills that lead to achievement, and I'll do my best to...

Be the King of the Backyard Barbecue – Tips for Crafting the Perfect Burger

by beconrad Summer is the perfect time to grill the perfect burger. If you are getting ready to fire up the grill and invite your...

Single Parenting in African American Minorities – Reality or Myth? [VIP]

  Over 25 percent of kids in the United States are now growing up in single parent households, mainly headed by women. In case of...

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