Beyond Borders & Boundaries


Welcome to UMT’s new travel blog/vlog! My name is Shanna. You may recognize my name from back in 2017 when I waxed poetic about Black family reunions, my undying love for Anita Bakergrowing up in the 80s, and paying $17 for a salad. In 2021, I took my first solo international trip to Europe, where I visited Portugal (Porto & Lisbon), France (Paris), and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). I loved it and scrambled to visit again in 2022, a more seasoned, savvy traveler. I went back to my beloved Portugal, as well as Spain (Barcelona & Madrid), Switzerland (Zurich and Mont Soleil), and Hungary (Budapest). 

The name of this blog/vlog, Beyond Borders & Boundaries, highlights the idea of traversing physical borders and transcending restrictive boundaries of all kinds. Not all travel journeys begin or unfold the same, but once you focus on your travel inspiration, your unique path will appear. Join me this year as I combine travel with all the things I love: artcreativitycomedy, and spirituality. My intent is to share stories, meditations, insights, inspiration and tips from the road in hopes to spark (or sustain) your own call to adventure.