Top ab exercises for women

  Every woman wants tights abs. Swimsuit season is almost here and that means hot bikinis by the beaches. Every year this a goal that each woman strives to meet. If you’re serious about making it this year, now is a good time to start. Try these simple abdominal exercises below to get your torso […]

A Feel for Your Golf Game

by: Craig Sigl Let’s get down and dirty about the word “feel” and how I apply it to golf the “Without Practice” way so you can shave some strokes effortlessly this weekend. You know deep down if not at the top of your head, that when you feel good, you will perform or act your […]

How to make exercise a daily habit

  Exercise is hard. It’s difficult to get into a routine when you’ve spent so much time not doing it. But if you’re serious about exercise, you have to ask yourself: What’s holding you back? Exercise has the potential to prevent a great number of illnesses. If you eat healthily, it goes hand-in-hand with a […]

Best location for spring break

When someone mentions spring break, the majority of people think about wild parties with joyful college girls and boys. However, we should not forget that spring break is an excellent time for family vacations. There are many families who decide to use this period of the year to go on road trips, outdoor camping or […]