Urban Media Today proudly endorses Representative Ed Gainey for Mayor of Pittsburgh. As a Pittsburgh native, Gainey will have total involvement in the city, the police force, and will work to help the best and worst of our city for the people. Rep. Gainey was recognized as the ”2020 Politician of the Year” by the Pittsburgh City Paper for using his platform to  educate and uplift communities.

Gainey shares his vision for the city on his campaign website:

“I’m running for Mayor because I know that the working people of Pittsburgh need opportunities for good union jobs with a living wage and benefits, affordable housing, genuine public safety, and a city where we can all belong and contribute. We can uplift the City of Pittsburgh for everyone if we start with those who have been left behind.

I understand that city government has the power to change lives, uplift communities, and fix what’s broken in our city. Our city is divided, but when we all lay our heads down at night, I believe we all share the same vision for our families, our children, and our neighborhoods. To fulfill our vision for a better tomorrow, Pittsburgh deserves a mayor who will fight with all they’ve got to see the vision through. I’m ready for that fight, and as the next Mayor of the city of Pittsburgh, I’ll be a Mayor for all of us.”

For more information and updates on campaign events, visit gaineyformayor.com.

Photo Credit: gaineyformayor.com/media