The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (DEC 5): Tame Your Cat! [VIDEO/AUDIO]

(L to R) Lashawn Tipton, LaKeisha Brown and Gerri Tipton (Photo Credit: Urban Media Today)

This week, we discuss the recent spike in COVID cases in the US possibly because some of YOU couldn’t stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday (not judging). Also, we talked about an Arkansas family who found faith in its community after someone left a “racist letter” in their mailbox for having a Black Santa display in their yard.

We got fan mail from a guy who is frustrated with this girlfriend of 3 years for denying him sex shortly after she had surgery and not feeling very confident about her body.

Finally, are you good, sis? The ladies talk about the level of being “GOOD” with their lives and not finding disappointment in their decisions that lead to stress and anxiety.

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