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1. Antonio Brown is at it again. The Steelers WR is on another social media rant and this time he’s saying what everyone was expecting him to say: That he wants to be traded from the Steelers. My thoughts, hasta la vista, Baby. It’s not been real.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown scored his only receiving touchdown on this play in the 23-16 win against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on November 4, 2018. (Brian Cook / Golden Sky Media)

2. I still don’t get why Brown is acting like this. He had 104 catches, over 1,297 yards and 15 TDs.and he still doesn’t feel appreciated? Something’s wrong and I don’t believe him getting out of Pittsburgh will fix his issues. Oh, and just because he demands a trade, doesn’t mean the Steelers will comply. In fact, they’ve been quiet about it all and I respect that.

3. Speaking of trades, the Baltimore Ravens sent QB Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos (Trades aren’t official until March 13th) which will benefit the Broncos, who have never recovered from Peyton Manning’s retirement. Reportedly, the Broncos will send a 4th round pick to the Ravens for Flacco. Interesting.

4. The Ravens have made it official that they are all-in with QB Lamar Jackson who certainly earned the starting spot after leading his team to their first AFC North Division title since 2012, when they last won the Super Bowl. Jackson became the starter in Week 15 after Flacco got hurt and never relinquished it. I was impressed.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady in Pittsburghs 17-10 win over the New England Patriots , Sunday December 16,2018 at Hines Field in Pittsburgh (Photo Credit : Vince Butts -UMT Sports)

5. Congrats to the New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl 53 after beating the LA Rams 13-3. Not an impressive game, but Super Bowls don’t have to be. They just need a winner and the Patriots were that for the 6th time, typing the Steelers for most in NFL history. QB Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are the first in NFL history to win 6 Super Bowl rings with the same team.

6. RB Kareem Hunt to the Browns, eh? Not sure I agree with this move, because it leaves so many questions: Are the NFL tolerating domestic violence, after shutting out QB Colin Kaepernick for his protests during the National Anthem? All I can do is shake my head.

7. Is Patriots WR and Super Bowl 53 MVP Julian Edelman a future Hall of Famer? Oh please.

NBA Report

8. The NBA’s trade deadline wasn’t impressive to me, especially since New Orleans Pelicans C Anthony Davis didn’t end up with the LA Lakers. I do agree that the Pelicans asking of four 1st round draft picks was ridiculous. The Lakers were smart to turn that down after offering several players, which included G Lonzo Ball.

9. Houston’s James Harden continues to score like crazy and with his 42-points Thursday night, he tied Wilt Chamberlain for 2nd-longest in NBA history with his 31st game with at least 30 points. For the season, he’s currently averaging 36.5 PPG. We haven’t seen the likes of that since Michael Jordan averaged 37.1 in 1986-87. Or in layman’s terms, when I was 14 years old.

10. MLB Catchers and Pitchers reported Tuesday. It’s interesting that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still haven’t been signed? Is baseball tired of these ridiculous contracts? But they can never agree on a salary cap, right? Go figure.

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