Happy Labor Day from Urban Media Today

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Flavorful Family Favorites for Hectic School Nights

Once the homework is finished and long days in the classroom and at the office are drawing to a close, you're likely to find...

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? Everything You Need to Know

The answer to “what does pet insurance cover” depends in large part on what insurance plan you decide to buy. A typical basic dog...

Is My Dog Dehydrated?

By Deanna deBara This article was originally published by The Dog People: Powered by Rover You want to make sure your dog has everything he needs...

Labor Day Road Trip: Best Beaches for Families to Drive to from Pittsburgh

In your college years, spring break has all been about partying into the early morning hours of several of the craziest and wildest vacation...

HBCyoU dolls on sale at Target created by Hampton University alumna

A Hampton University graduate is inspiring the next generation of HBCU pride through her new line of HBCyoU Dolls, which can now be found...

Vet-Approved Tips to Help Keep Pets Safe this Summer

Extreme temperatures and booming sounds can have big impacts on pets. With record-breaking heat across much of the nation, the experts at Freshpet are...

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Am I my dog’s favorite person? As a pet parent, you’ve probably wondered, because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be number one...

5 Ways to Support Teachers this Fall

Throughout the pandemic, teachers have gone above and beyond for their students, becoming not just educators, but also counselors, role models and friends to...

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