This week Westinghouse High School Mens Head Basketball Coach Eugene Wilson and Rob Taylor  Editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier  joins Kevin and Bill to talk sports….

(Pittsburgh,PA) Kevin Cameron (L) , Rob Taylor (2nd from left), Gene Wilson (2nd from right) and Bill Neal (R)

Segment 01: Westinghouse Head Men’s Basketball Coach Eugene Wilson joins Bill and Kevin to talk basketball and more..


Westinghouse Boys Basketball Head Coach Eugene Wilson (March 20,2018 -Photo:Urban Media Today)


Segment  02 : The conversation continues as Rob Taylor the Editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier joins the focus on sports in the Steel City..

Editor of “The New Pittsburgh Courier” Rob Taylor (March 20,2018 – Photo: Urban Media Today)


Segment 03 : The conversation continues on the NFL and heads toward Major League Baseball.


Segment 04 : Bill,Kevin,Rob and Trevin wrap up the show talking about Tiger Woods and more..




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