Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams addresses his controversial pink-painted nails and lipgloss

Image: Instagram/@ayeeecaleb


When Caleb Williams was caught dancing to Earth, Wind, and Fire during a recent USC basketball game, the world got a glimpse of his latest manicure: pink nails. He also wore lipgloss and had a pink phone case for the occasion.

While this is not the first time the USC star quarterback has lacquered his nails, this time, he began receiving backlash on social media.

In a video posted to X, the Heisman Trophy winner, along with USC’s assistant athletic director Gavin Morris, addressed the haters head-on.

“It’s been a long week for you,” Morris teased. “Let’s see what that phone look like; what the phone look like?”

The expected No. 1 NFL draft pick responded, “The wallet’s white, the phone is pink, the case is clear.”

As for his nails, he added, holding up his hands, “Nails are clear.”

Then, leaning into the camera, Williams offered a quick retort to anyone hating on his style.

“Lips are pink — your girl love ‘em!” he quipped as Morris laughed.

When it comes to his nails, Williams, a Washington, D.C., native and the son of a former nail technician who used to paint his nails, has become known for buzzworthy game day manicures that often throw shade at his team’s opponent.

While speaking to People magazine in August, Williams opened up about his penchant for painting his nails.

“I think the nails thing kind of took everybody by surprise,” he told the publication. “I’ve been doing it before college, but it took everybody by surprise, just because you don’t always see male athletes who play football paint their nails. But I think it’s just another way of expression.”

Considering how his game day manicures often feature explicit messages for his opponents, he added that he was going to be toning it down.

I’ve had a few talks with my coaches. But I’m gonna keep doing it and express myself,” he said.