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Urban Media Today Finance: Is Disability Insurance Tax Deductible? [Tips]

During this tax season, many Americans are preparing to file in hopes of receiving an acceptable return....

Urban Media Today Finance: When Is The Best Time To “Make Nice” with the...

AccountingToday.com suggests this is the time to handle your business and get right with the IRS; stating now is the best time to do that

Urban Media Today Finance: The Most Common Tax Return Questions for 2019

What are the most uncommon tax return questions being asked for the 2019 tax year?

Urban Media Today Finance: So, What Can’t You File On Your Taxes? [Tips]

In preparation for tax season, Urban Media Today found more helpful tips to assist you through the grueling process of filing your 2018 taxes.

Urban Media Today Finance: Filing Business Taxes [TIPS]

It's tax season and most households are gearing up for another aggrevating period in their lives where they have to mentally account...

Urban Media Today Finance: Stop Wasting Money On Dumb Stuff [Tips]

From shopping online for the latest fashion trends, renewing your online movie streaming service you hardly ever watch, to eating out whenever...

UMT Finance: Ready To File?Check Your List! [Tips]

Like it or not, it's tax season and the days are fast approaching where you'll need all your receipts and additional paperwork...

UMT Finance: Shutdown Survival Tips

The government shut down has been one of the longest, record-breaking political statements ever made in our generation and the people of...

UMT Finance: Tips, Tools, Articles, and Videos that shaped 2018.

Source: Bank of America January is a great time of year to take stock of your business performance, set...

Urban Media Today Finance: Preparing For Retirement Before You’re Ready

One big reason people plan to work later in life, including in retirement, is that they have not saved enough for retirement. (Maximkostenko /iStock) By...

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