Would You Like To Become A Business Leader?

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Leaders understand what it takes to serve others, so you must grasp the true qualities of leadership if you aspire to be a leader. This article is going to discuss how to become the leader that can find you being a more productive and helpful member of society. You never know what you might learn.

When trying to be a good leader, it is important to listen to what other people have to say. Your opinions or ideas aren’t guaranteed to be great just because you’re a leader. If you listen to other ideas or opinions, you may find that the people around also may have great ideas that could work well with yours.

Effective leaders are inspiring. You need to develop the ability to inspire those who work under you, motivating them to work toward a common goal. You can use public speaking to achieve this, but there are also videos, blogs, articles and other methods to convey your uplifting message to your audience.

Don’t shift the blame for mistakes to others. Subordinates, outside contractors, and plenty of other people within the organization can cause a business transaction to go wrong. If you try to shift the blame, you will lose the confidence of your customers and they won’t patronize your business any longer.

If you make a mistake, admit it. Nothing will kill the confidence workers have for you faster than insistence that you’re right when you are clearly not. However, if you can admit that you are wrong, you will gain the respect of your underlings. The respect of those around you is imperative.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering people around. That is not true leadership. The key to true leadership is to inspire those around you. You need to help them find their own voices, so that they can go on to lead others. The entire journey they take with you is about their ability to know themselves better.

Choose an appropriate form of communication for the subject matter. Simple confirmation of instructions or other daily communication can be done through email and text messages. If the subject matter is sensitive or of high importance, it is important to schedule a meeting to discuss the subject face to face.

Don’t manage, lead. There’s a big difference between a manager and a leader. Managers maximize productivity and work on the day to day. Leaders inspire and raise the company up with vision. It’s big picture stuff. If you spend too much time managing, you’ll never be able to show yourself as a leader to your company.

Listen much more than you are motivated to talk. Being a good leader is about listening. Listen to all of your employees. Listen to their praise, but listen to their complaints as well. Listen to what they tell you about how the company is handling things. You can learn a lot from them.

Be a passionate leader. It is easier for other to follow a leader that truly cares about the group’s goals. Great leaders should have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the projects in progress instead of just making sure everyone is finishing their work. Express your passion and let everyone know that you care about their progress. When someone shares with the group, let them know that their contribution is appreciated.

Nurture growth in your team members. You can do this by offering help and solutions when they make a mistake instead of punishments. Understand that everyone makes mistakes, and show your workers where they went wrong when they make one. A great team is not hired, it is built through teamwork.

Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with your business in the short term and the long term. You and your employees will be better able to stay on course when everyone understands your vision so make sure they understand it. Make small changes when necessary but always stay focused on your vision.

Hopefully, this article has showed you the skills you can use to better your leadership abilities. Use the tips here so you can be more confident about what you must do. Work on becoming a leader and getting the most out of your experiences.

Easy Expert Home Business Tips For You


Yes, it’s true; nobody really wants to think about starting a home business that may not prosper. And that is because it can involve thinking about it failing. Still, it’s important to know what you can do to prevent that and to help your business flourish. That’s what the tips below are for.

Just because your home-based business affords you the opportunity to work in your pajamas, it doesn’t mean that you should. While it may be tempting to go from bed to desk, you will be more productive if you shower, dress and act as if you need to be ready to meet with an important client at any time, while you are working.

Figure out what you will name your business and set up a website relevant to your business name. It’s easier than you may think to have your own website and you can get your own domain name for as low as $9. You can also expand your business with a website.

Create a mailing list that is specific to your home business. Make sure that your communications stay beneath the level of spam. Many companies use mailing lists so subscribers can learn about new products and any promotions. Other people utilize it to forward helpful information and articles to their customers, with an ad or coupon. Put a place on your site where people can sign up for your mailers.

Success is not a guarantee when you are opening your own business. That is why it is important that you don’t put everything on this one experience. If it doesn’t work out you should have a back-up plan ready to implement. These means you don’t want to completely cut off your old professional life.

If you already have a degree in business management that is great, but you should still continue to read as much as possible. If you don’t have a degree in this, don’t worry, you will still be able to catch yourself up through self-teaching and even hands on experience. Many of the best business professionals never finished college.

If you are working with a partner, do everything in your power to separate personal and professional lives. If it is a friend, or even worse spouse, things can quickly become complicated. If you draw and maintain these lines early it will be easier to handle difficult work situations in the future without hurting feelings.

Interested in starting a dog walking business? This can be a great idea if you love dogs, would like the daily exercise, and are comfortable handling dogs of different sizes. Recruit potential clients by putting up flyers at vets’ offices, at the local dog park, or at the grocery store.

Create and follow a clear and concise business plan. Keeping a business plan from the start can keep you on track in reaching your home business goals, no matter what niche you may be following. Your business plan should be clear and with a direct focus that is easy to see through your many objectives.

Interruptions and distractions from the normal, busy household should be a major concern if you run a company from home. Identify your distractions and then remove them so that you can remain productive.

Having a business license for your home business often allows you to purchase things wholesale. This is excellent news for people who make their product, since you can search on product search engines for bulk orders of raw materials. This minimizes trips to the store, and frees up your wallet for other expenditures.

Make sure to take advantage of social networking when building your business. Create business pages on facebook that customers can become fans up. Use this tool to keep people up to date on your products and offer discounts and contests to keep interest up. A company that isn’t using social networking is missing out on a lot of opportunities.

See, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be; thinking about starting a home business that can help your future. Life can take a lot of unexpected turns and not having or losing customers has to be thought about. Do yourself a favor and follow these tips above to start your home business effectively.

Ray Jr. on Sports



  1. The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) made news as they’ve officially announced that they have merged with ESPN to form their own network starting in 2019. It’s a reported 20-year deal through 2036. It was announced Thursday by ACC Commissioner John Swofford and ESPN President John Skipper at the conference’s annual Football Kickoff media event in Charlotte, N.C.
  2. I knew it was only a matter of time that the ACC would get their own network on ESPN. Let’s be real: They call the conference one of College Sports ‘Power 5 Conferences’ right? The others are the SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten (which all have their own networks) and Big 12. Plus, we all know that it’s not about TV exposure (Which the conference has plenty of on ESPN), it’s about the money, baby. Can you blame them? No.
  3. Speaking of the Big 12, they’re now looking to keeping up with ‘The Jones’ and are considering getting their own TV Network, and they’re looking at expansion-again. The most recent teams that they’ve added West Virginia and TCU-who were taken from the old Big East Conference in 2012.
  4. I questioned whether the Mountaineers could survive in the Big 12, but so far, they’re doing pretty good. Their nearest opponent is Iowa State, in my opinion, they should be in the ACC with Pitt. I think it’s ridiculous that they were rejected for membership when Pitt applied. Shame on the ACC for that omission.
  5. As for the Pitt Panthers football team, S Jordan Whitehead earned his fourth watch-list selection of the 2016 preseason when the dynamic sophomore safety was named a candidate for the Paul Hornung Award, which is annually presented to college football’s most versatile player by the Louisville Sports Commission.
  6. Of all the awards that this young man truly deserves, I think you can put this one at the top of the list. Whitehead is truly versatile, and probably the best in the country (yes, I know he only played one year) I said this before, he also deserves Heisman Trophy consideration-provided he makes a huge impact on the field again.
  7. As for the rest of College Football, it’s a fact that defending national champion Alabama the consensus favorite to repeat as champs, but Las Vegas doesn’t agree. More bets have been placed on the Michigan Wolverines to win the national title than any other team at multiple Las Vegas sportsbooks.
  8. It you’re betting on the Wolverines, then you’re very happy right now, but I think you are wasting your money, because I still think Alabama’s the better team. Plus, you still have to consider Clemson is slightly better than Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s crew as well after contending for their first National Championship since 1982. But as I’ve said before, that’s why you play the game.
  9. In the National Basketball League(NBA) news, it has been decided that the 2017 NBA All-Star Game will be moved from Charlotte because of its objection to North Carolina House Bill 2, which limited anti-discrimination protections in the state. They do however, hope to get the game in 2019.
  10. The city has its reasons and the NBA had to respond with theirs. It’ll hurt the city from a financial standpoint because All-Star Games are truly a gift to the host city. Hornets owner Michael Jordan stated that he understands the NBA’s decision & that he’s grateful for the opportunity for the city to host the game in 2019.
  11. As for other NBA news, many persons wondered why the Boston Celtics didn’t end up signing former OKC Thunder F Kevin Durant (who ended up with the Golden St. Warriors) and Celtics F Jae Crowder isn’t afraid to voice his displeasure over it.
  12. Crowder stated that the Celtics made a good sales pitch to Durant (one of 6 teams to do so) and that the Celtics were the only team in the NBA to beat World Champion Cleveland and the Warriors on their home court and that it’s a ‘slap in the face’ that he chose the Warriors.
  13. I can understand Crowder being disappointed, but he needs to let it go. Durant was a free agent and he made a business decision to sign with the Western Conference (and last year’s Champion) Warriors, period. Don’t insult the man because of it.
  14. Apparently NBA HOF Charles Barkley is also making news-in golf, that is. He’s 6,000-1 to win the tournament, which tees off Friday at Edgewood Golf Course. He’s by far the biggest long shot in the field.
  15. So in Layman’s terms, that means that Barkley is the worst golfer in the tournament. lightly worse odds than Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles and comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who are each 3,000-1. Hey, give the man credit, at least he didn’t try to become a professional golfer.
  16. As for MLB news, the NL Central-leading Chicago Cubs have made a pre-trade deadline move by acquiring lefty reliever Mike Montgomery from the Seattle Mariners in a 4-player deal. Such a move bolsters the Cubs struggling bullpen.
  17. I salute the Cubs on making this move as they’re trying to secure their first division title since 2008. They’re doing what contenders do: fortify their lineups during the stretch run. And I think it’s only the beginning for the Cubs and other contending teams.
  18. As for the Pirates who remain in 3rd place in the NL Central, it’s rumored that they’re looking to ‘buy’ and not ‘sell’ by the August 1st Deadline. I hope they do, because they’re just a starting pitcher (or two) away from making a strong run at their 4th consecutive postseason appearance. Time will tell.
  19. The Pittsburgh Steelers have also made news that they have released veteran TE Matt Spaeth on Thursday. GM Kevin Colbert stated that Spaeth not being able to recover from off season knee surgery as being reasons for his release.
  20. I feel bad for Spaeth, who won a SB ring with the Steelers in 2008. I’m sure it was a hard decision for them. So with the retirement of veteran Heath Miller. Former SD Chargers TE Ladarius Green and former rookie Jesse James are the Steelers top 2 TEs going into training camp.

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Body Art


by: David Chandler

There are several forms of body art. Body art can be temporary, for example, body painting, or permanent, such as shaping, dyeing, and scarification, tattooing, and piercing. This article will provide some insight into body art.

Body art painting and shaping

Body painting transforms a person into a spirit or work of art; this can include another gender or a sacred place. Emphasizing on the visual appeal of the subject, the protective body paint is what gives it the appeal.

Body shaping is a technique in which to sculpt the body. Culturally defined ideals of beauty have caused people to bind the soft bones of children’s skulls and feet, stretched necks with rings, and removed ribs to make their waist smaller. The most common method today of body sculpting is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can sculpt and define almost any part of the body.

Skin Dyeing

Henna, is used as a temporary skin dye, in which different patterns and designs are applied to the body. The crushed leaves of the henna plant, when mixed with other natural ingredients, provides a thick, aromatic paste used for painting hands and feet. The olive green, dried out henna powder, mixed with such ingredients as black tea and coffee turns dark. When applied to the skin and left on overnight, it will harden and when pealed leaves a red tone to the skin.

Body art piercing, tattooing, and scarification

Piercing is ornamental as it allows the body to hold certain kinds of ornaments, which are inserted through the skin. The most common parts of the body that are pierced is the face although you will often find ear, nose and lip ornaments. Piercing is often part of a ceremony marking the coming of age. Ornaments might be limited to certain people or worn only on certain occasions

Tattoos are intended to be permanent and the patterns and techniques have varied over the years. The effects of tattooing depend on the country you live in. As an example, in the United States, tattooing is typically looked upon as being rebellious. Tattooing, in the last decade, has become a very popular form of body art throughout the world.

Scarification is much like tattooing, instead of placing a color into the skin with a tattoo needle, the color, or substance is placed into the wound or cut. Once the wound has healed, a permanent mark will remain on the skin

All of the forms of body art listed above can have adverse effects on individuals. There are health concerns with types of body art. If you are contemplating any of the above procedures, be sure to consider all the risks and facts before making any commitments.

Maintaining A Healthy Level Of Fitness With Simple Strategies


Whether it’s getting rid of love handles or putting on muscle, fitness depends mostly on two things: nutrition and exercising/working out. This article contains tips that will help you tackle these two focal points of fitness. Listening to them will help you on the road to having your dream body.

A good idea to lose weight is to join a recreational sport. Cardio can be very boring and a lot of people loathe the idea of running in place on a treadmill. Joining a recreational sport will keep things interesting and you’ll also be burning a lot of calories in the process.

When working be wary of the kinds of exercises you are doing in relation to the kind of body you are hoping to maintain. Some exercises are most helpful to people who are trying to burn fat. Some are most helpful to those trying to build lean muscle. Some are best for those trying to build bulkier muscle. Be aware of what the exercises you are doing focus on.

You may have a distinct goal in your personal fitness journey. However, you should avoid obsessing over this goal. Ideally, fitness is a life-long habit, not a short-term fix. Your fitness program should be one that you personally find enjoyable so that you will not be tempted to abandon it. While there is such a thing as being “too fit,” there is no point in time, where you can begin ignoring your fitness entirely.

The best fitness tip for endurance is to start your runs out at a slow pace, progress to your normal pace, and then go all out at the end of your run. Because of this gradual build-up, you will eventually find that you push your maximum distance further with each training session.

Having a routine, limits the stimulation of the brain. Studies have shown that changing or breaking a routine, will promote stimulation and in turn, staves off dementia. Instead of driving the same route to the grocery store, change the route and drive a different way. These small steps will improve your brain’s stimulation and reduce the chance of getting dementia.

Are you looking to speed up your run? To increase the speed of your running time, make your actual running strides quicker instead of making your strides bigger. This will shave time off of your run. Push off with the toes of your trailing leg to get you going.

Pay up front for the gym and your trainer! Sometimes money is the best commitment we can make that will insure we will exercise regularly. If we have already paid the fees for the gym and for our trainer we will be much more likely to take advantage of the services we’ve paid for!

Dedicate a little bit of time each day to exercise. Making small changes, like choosing the stairs over an elevator, can make vast improvements to your health.

Fitness experts recommend doing slow and sustained stretches three to seven days per week. To learn how to perform stretches correctly without the worry of harming the muscle, you may consider hiring a professional trainer for a few sessions in the beginning of your fitness program to learn how to perform these stretches correctly. Oftentimes, if you join a gym, these sessions are offered free to members.

If you want to improve your balance, follow these steps. First, stand with one leg on a sofa cushion. Then, move a medicine ball around your body. Once you’ve become an expert at this move, try it with your eyes shut. This will improve your balance, coordination, and body control.

Only train your abdominal muscles, two or three times a week. While these muscles do recover somewhat faster than your other muscles, they still need time to rest. Make an attempt to keep a strict schedule, such as working on them every other weekday and relaxing them on the weekends.

As you can see, nutrition and exercise are the two cornerstones of good fitness. The tips that were provided will help you combine the two and get the kind of results that you want. It’s hard work, but by taking the advice here and focusing on the body that you want, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals.

Urban Media Today Sports Report


After a strong finish to the first half of their MLB season, the Pittsburgh Pirates had expectations to also begin the second half strong, which meant traveling to Washington DC to take on the NL East-leading Nationals. Before the All-Star Break, the Pirates were 9-2 which included taking 2 of 3 vs. the NL Central-leading Chicago Cubs which once again put them in Wild Card contention, and an outside shot at the division.

Unfortunately, the Nationals (56-37) had other plans as they welcomed the Pirates into Nationals Park Friday night and gave them a 5-1 beat down. What really hurt about that loss was the fact that the Pirates led the Nationals 1-0. Starter Francisco Liriano looked like the Liriano of old as he shut out the Nationals for 5 innings, but after giving up a run in the bottom of the 5th, Liriano and the Pirates fell apart as the Nationals scored 4 runs in the 7th to secure the victory.

Starter Stephen Strasburg (13-0) shook of that lone run and pitched a masterpiece, actually no-hitting the Pirates for 6 innings and continuing his consecutive-winning streak to 16 games dating back to September. For the Pirates, Liriano fell to a disappointing 5-9.

If Game 1 was bad, Game 2 was even worse for the Pirates as they hoped to tie the series with the return of starter Gerrit Cole, who had missed over a month with a triceps injury. Unfortunately, the Nationals spoiled Cole’s welcome-back party as they bombed him in a 6-0 victory. It also didn’t help that he had to wait out a 71-minute rain delay, but Cole just didn’t have it.

Meanwhile Nationals Starter Tanner Roark (9-5) did have it, as he allowed five singles with one walk and five strikeouts in his longest start of the season. He started the ninth but left after allowing a single and hitting a batter. The Pirates were also sloppy on the field as 2B Josh Harrison attempted toss to first base landed in the Nationals dugout as 2 runs scored.

The good news for the Pirates was that they avoided being swept by the Nationals as they were able to take the Rubber Match from them in a 2-1 victory on Sunday, but it took 18 innings to do so-and it was the Pirates’ fault.

It took 17 pitchers combining for 540 pitches in a bullpen- and stadium-emptying affair that lasted 5 hours, 48 minutes. It was close to ending a lot earlier – the Nationals were down to their last strike in the ninth inning when pinch hitter Daniel Murphy hit a tying home run of closer Mark Melancon to send the game into extra innings.

Pirates rookie starter Chad Kuhl had allowed one hit and two runners and struck out five in six shutout innings. He truly out pitched Nationals starter Max Scherzer, who wasn’t too bad himself as he gave up only one run and six hits and struck out seven in seven efficient innings.

9 more innings went by before Pirates LF Starling Marte decided enough was enough as he launched a solo home run off former Pirate Oliver Perez to give the Pirates a 2-1 lead. It was the longest game for both teams this season. The only longer game in the majors this season came July 1 when Cleveland beat Toronto in 19 innings.

Former starter Jonathon Niese (8-6) got the win after pitching 3 scoreless innings. It was his second opportunity out of the bullpen since being demoted out of the starting rotation by Pirates manager Clint Hurdle.

So now the 3rd Pirates are 47-45, 8.5 games back from the first place Cubs and they are only 2.5 games back from both NL Wild Card spots. But for them to gain ground, they desperately need to make a huge impact on their next home stand that begins Tuesday vs. the Milwaukee Brewers (39-51) as rookie Jameson Taillon (2-1, 3.86 ERA) is expected to start the opening game vs. RHP Chase Anderson (4-10, 5.44) The Pirates will then take on the Seattle Mariners (46-46) and then the Philadelphia Phillies (43-50) before taking the road. Many media experts feel like it’ll be an easy 8 games for the Pirates, but they have to prove it on the field.

Injury Report: OF Gregory Polanco remained out with a sore left hamstring, but Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington hopes he’ll play Tuesday against the Milwaukee Brewers. C Francisco Cervelli was set to play another inning on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Indianapolis, and Huntington said ”we’ll see” about him being back as soon as Tuesday.

In the NBA: According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, LeBron told the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers that he’ll re-sign sometime this summer but there isn’t a set time frame in which they’ll get that done. The cap has jumped $24 million since last year when he re-signed with the team and will jump again next summer. He can sign a one-year deal this time around for $27.5 million. The Cavs also still need to re-sign J.R. Smith, who intends to remain with the Cavs, and their coach Tyronn Lue…OKC’s Russell Westbrook is reportedly angered by the departure of former teammate Kevin Durant (who joined the Golden State Warriors) and although the rumors that the eventual 2017 free agent may also depart, that he’s just ready to ‘move forward.’

In the NFL: The Miami Dolphins reportedly have signed former Houston Texas RB Arian Foster to a 1-year deal. In seven seasons with Houston, Foster rushed for 6,472 yards, averaged 4.5 yards per carry and scored 68 touchdowns. Injuries however, limited his production, with his 2015 season getting cut short due to an Achilles tear, which just happened to occur against the Dolphins.

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Today, women in the United States have more than half of all jobs professional level, earn a majority of undergraduate degrees, controlling 80 percent of consumer spending and their share of board seats at S & P in 1500 businesses have seen rising more than 90 percent.
However, these steps are often overshadowed by persistent differences, such as the payment margin; the proportion of women holding public offices or posts; as well the proportion of women in relation to their men counterpart occupying senior-level posts and on boards of large companies.
What will be the main issue on the minds of women when they hit the polls during the 2016 US Presidential Election?
Experts say it has not changed much in recent decades and it really means a set of variables under a single umbrella: economic security. Women want a stable employment, higher wages and the assurance that the financial future of their families intact.
“Economy drive female voters,” was the words of Debbie Walsh. “Women tend to be more financially insecure and more likely on the social safety net that the government supports should be, so they vote accordingly.”
That socialite safety, Walsh noted, should be giving consideration by the government, also includes funding programs that help with employment, subsidies for household bills and health insurance.
According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released in March: ‘‘the largest occupational group in the country consists of relatively low-paid jobs’’. The largest professional office and administrative support jobs, a category with an average salary of $ 35,530-happen to be dominated by women comprising 73 percent of the category.
More and more women take on the financial responsibility for the entire household and can no longer afford to be relegated to lower-paid occupational roles, experts say.
“I think that economic security is what people want and I do not see such as women’s issues,” said Juanita Duggan, president of the American Apparel and Footwear Association. “Everyone needs economic security.”
Walsh agrees however, that while both sexes see economic security as the top priority, there are important differences.
Among the main differences is the persistent gender pay gap. According to the latest data from the US Census Bureau (2013), women working full time earn on average only 78 cents for every dollar men earn. The difference is even greater for women of color.
It was also added by Walsh that recurrent issues which revolves around balanced working habit, need for education and so on, but will soar this year above economic issues.
“I think a lot of women in economy are in the survival mode right now,” Walsh said. “Women want to put food on the table, fill their cars with gas, and be able to plan for their retirement over work-life balance.”


So what will actually be giving priority as to women’s issues?
Different suggestions have been presented by experts, but Walsh said that allowing women take the wheels of power this time is the right thing to do. “It is important for women in politics, not only for justice, but because if women’s voices are not at the table, then we are wasting talent,” said Walsh. “Women have different life experiences that affect how they work with the government and the policy issues that they make are a priority. It is about substance and not just honesty.”

More information at https://www.hillaryclinton.com/    https://www.donaldjtrump.com/



Use These Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Fitness!

Fitness 011

With so many types of exercises out there and different foods to eat, the novice person attempting to get fit might just get lost in the sea of information available on the web. Before it becomes too overwhelming for you, read these tips to find out how you can do some simple everyday things to get in great shape.

Don’t go for an all or nothing approach when it comes to fitness. Even if you can’t fit in thirty minutes of exercise every day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother trying at all. Even if you can only get your thirty minutes in once a week, it’s better than nothing. You can always work up to more workouts as time goes on.

When on an exercise routine it is best to have a day of rest once a week. During rest your muscles will grow and recover. In order to have the best results, your body needs its rest so it can be at full potential when you are exercising.

A really good way to get fit is to join a boxing gym. Boxers are some of the most fit athletes in the world and by joining a boxing gym, you’ll have access to all of the resources they have. Hitting a speed bag is just one of the things you can do.

For sleeker looking arms, try exercises designed to improve your posture. Most posture exercises work all the major muscles in the arm, allowing them to be strengthened and toned. Try extending your arms until they’re at shoulder height, with your elbows bent and palms up. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds, then release and repeat. Performing this exercise at least 3 times weekly should have you standing straighter and leave your arms looking great.

When lifting weights, you will help muscle mass if you do a lot of reps with a light weight; that is in contrast to fewer reps with high weight. Endurance is a vital aspect of lifting, which you should not overlook. This is a very popular technique among many professionals.

A modification to traditional running that can increase fitness is high knee running. It simply involves raising your knees above your waist while running. By doing high knee running, you increase strength in your core muscles by essentially doing a standing crunch while running. It’s also an extra workout for your thighs.

It is possible to speed up recovery time from a particularly hard workout. The day after your hard workout, lightly exercise the same muscles. Use weights which are about twenty percent of your max weight and do two sets of twenty-five repetitions. This will help to deliver nutrients and blood to muscles to help them recover at a faster rate.

Is doing pull-ups the bane of your exercise routine? Changing your way of thinking can help you greatly. Concentrate on pushing your elbows down during your chin-ups instead of obsessing over getting up to the bar. Shifting your focus in this way will make chin-ups seem less difficult, and you’ll be able to do them for longer.

Muscle injuries can bring us down, but getting back into exercising as soon as you can will help you heal quicker. Start out slowly, trying just a few minutes at a low intensity just to test yourself. As soon as you experience pain, stop. When you are finished apply ice for twenty minutes. Continue the next day trying to do a little more.

When exercising in sets, make sure to take some time out to stretch in between them. Try to stretch a good 20 to 30 seconds between each stretch. This can not only keep the muscles you just worked limber, but it can help increase overall strength by maximizing the benefits of each set.

Learn what Kenyans do to train to run and win marathons. They train at differing speeds which pick up as their training progresses. You need to start slowly for the first third of the run, go at a more normal pace for your middle third, and then much faster for the last third of your run. Increase your speed by gradually starting off faster and faster, which will eventually increase all of your speeds.

Be careful not to let misinformation mislead you. There is a lot of stuff out there floating around about how to become a fit person, but take it from the experts who put together the tips you have just read — real information is the key to your success with anything in life, especially fitness. editor@urbanmediatoday.com

Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Getting Fit

Fitness 013

Fitness is a lot more that just working out on a treadmill or lifting weights. It is truly a progressive routine, complete with plans, maintenance, and goals. It has many routines and pieces of equipment that require knowledge, strength, and patience. Do you have what it takes? Regardless of your answer, here are some tips to help you.

If you’re working on your overall fitness with running and are looking to increase your stamina, pick up the speed. If you avoid lengthening your stride and rely instead on taking quicker short steps, your body will acclimate to harder training quicker. You’ll be prepared for your next marathon in no time!

Swimming is a great form of exercise and it doesn’t put any stress on the body. When you swim you are working all the muscles in your body giving your whole body a nice relaxed workout. If you are not used to swimming then it may take awhile to get used to it but you’ll come to enjoy it in time.

A great tip to help you get fit, is to invest in some body fat calipers. Scales only tell you how much you weigh and it’s common knowledge that muscle ways more than fat. Body fat calipers will tell you what percentage of your body consists of fat.

A great tip for healthier living is to perform strength training. Strength training keeps your muscles strong and healthy. Having more muscle mass is a great way to manage your weight because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can consume. This is because the extra calories will go to the muscle instead of the fat. Strength training is also helpful in preventing osteoporosis.

To get great looking abs, only do abdominal muscles 3 days a week. While working your abs daily may seem like the right thing to do, your abs actually need time to recuperate in between workouts. Taking a break and working on another part of your body will give your muscles the rest they need to get toned.

Jumping jacks are a classic calisthenic exercise that you can do. All you have to do is jump and separate your arms and legs. Then jump again and return to a normal standing position. Repeat this about 20 to 25 times a day. If you’re a little more athletic, you can increase the number of jacks.

Set smalls goals when trying to increase your fitness level. For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds you should make your initial goal to lose 5% of your weight. Meeting that goal will boost your confidence and resolve. If you would like to run a 5k spend some time improving your mile time and then go on to longer distances.

When starting a new fitness plan, especially if you have not worked out in a while or are seriously out of shape, do not rush it. ‘All or nothing’ is not the way to go when it comes to getting into shape. Start slowly, and work your way up to more intense workouts.

Always make sure you are wearing shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet. Go to the store to buy shoes at night since your feet are bigger at that time of day. Make sure that you have about half an inch between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your toes should have room to move around.

To ride a bike more efficiently, try practicing one-legged cycling. This will cause you to focus on pulling up more at the bottom of your stroke to cause more of your major leg muscles to have to work harder. Lock both feet into the pedals, but keep the one leg limp and cycle with the other for about 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other leg.

To learn how to effectively catch a football, try aiming for its tip. If you attempt to focus on the ball, it will appear blurry, but if you watch the tip, you can clearly see where the ball is going and try to catch it. You are also blocking out incoming defenders by focusing on this single spot.

Now you see that fitness is a lot more that just jogging on a treadmill. It takes a lot of work to sculpt the body you want. You don’t want to overdo it and harm yourself, so why not take some time to learn how to do it right? The tips noted above should help. editor@urbanmediatoday.com

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  1. The Pitt Panthers football team has been making news of late-and they haven’t even played a down yet. That’s because College Football is absolutely obsessed with Preseason hype, which truly isn’t a bad thing-especially if it involves preseason honors.
  2. Anyway, several Panthers have been placed on ‘Watch Lists’-which is pretty honorable because it’s a pre-ordered list of players who are in line to win prestigious postseason awards, which obviously is a feather in the cap of the respective player and the school.
  3. On Wednesday, running back James Conner, offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty and linebacker Mike Caprara are among 88 players from across the nation to be named to the watch list for the venerated Wuerffel Trophy, which annually honors college football’s top community servant. Named after 1996 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel.
  4. This award reminds me of MLB’s Roberto Clemente and NFL’s Walter Payton awards. It’s one thing to get an honor for what you do on the field, but when you earn one for what you do off it, is the makings of a well-rounded person. I think Conner deserves it after what he’s done after being diagnosed with (and overcoming) Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May. He was the guest of honor at a charity dinner organized by Dr. Stanley Marks that raised over $400,000 for cancer research. Now that’s honorable.
  5. Conner has also been placed on the Doak Walker Watch List, given to College Football’s best RB. He was also a who was a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award during his 2014 ACC Player of the Year campaign, as well as 2015. He was also placed on the Maxwell Award Watch list, given to the best offense player. I hope the young man has a huge season-and sweeps all of these awards.
  6. Here’s a list of the other Pitt Watch List honors: Outland Trophy: OL Adam Bisnowaty, OL Dorian Johnson, Chuck Bednarik Award: LB Ejuan Price, S Jordan Whitehead, Rimington Trophy: Officer, Ray Guy Award: P Ryan Winslow, Jim Thorpe Award: Whitehead. What an impressive list. I hope Pitt sweeps them all.
  7. One more thing about those Watch Lists: I think 2 Pitt players deserves to be in the most prestigious Watch List of them all: The Heisman Trophy. Conner and Whitehead deserves to be on that list. If Conner can get another 1,700-yard season, he definitely deserves it and Whitehead looked like 1997 Heisman winner Charles Woodson last season. If he does it again, the voters can’t overlook that. Anyway, just my opinion.
  8. As for the Pitt’s football team, there’s a lot of expectations on them after their impressive 8-5 record that landed them in the Military Bowl under first-year HC Pat Narduzzi. Now the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) hasn’t released their Preseason predictions yet, but magazines like Athlon’s Sports already have, and they have the Panthers in 4th place in the Coastal Division, behind North Carolina, Miami and Virginia Tech.
  9. I think that prediction’s about right. No need to expect them to win the Coastal Division after an 8-win season. (their highest total since 2010) The team looks pretty well-stacked except at one position-WR, where they will truly miss All-American Tyler Boyd, who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. Summer Camp will determine who will try to fill his shoes.
  10. In Pitt basketball news, the team will host Eastern Michigan and Gardner-Webb in opening round games of the 22nd annual 2K Classic Benefitting Wounded Warrior Project before advancing to a championship round semifinal matchup with SMU at Madison Square Garden. It’s an awesome opportunity for New HC Kevin Stallings to make an impression on National TV, and Pitt loves playing at Madison Square Garden.
  11. As for Major League Baseball (MLB) the All-Star Game’s over (AL beat the NL 4-2) but something very special happened during that game that I want to make note of. MLB officially named their batting champion awards after former players that defined hitting excellence.
  12. If you think about it, there’s lots of players that MLB could’ve chosen, but they picked two of the best in Hall of Famers Rod Carew (AL-3,053 career hits) and the Late Tony Gwynn (NL-3,141 career hits). Those with the highest batting average in each league will get a trophy. Pretty awesome honor.
  13. As for the Pittsburgh Pirates (46-43) who played in the game, OF Starling Marte got a single and closer Mark Melancon recorded an out in the Mid-Summer Classic. Nice job fellas.
  14. As for the team itself, espn.com reported that starter Gerritt Cole is scheduled to return from the DL on Saturday. Perfect timing, if you ask me because the Pirates desperately need him to help out the struggling & young staff. The Pirates will open the 2nd half of the season vs. the Washington Nationals in the Nation’s Capital.
  15. Ask what is going on with the NY Yankees Front Office? Apparently, there are differences of opinions between GM Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner. Apparently Cashman thinks the team should trade its best players and plan for the future, and the business side, which is led by owner Hal Steinbrenner and team president Randy Levine, who hold to the belief that the club is still in contention.
  16. The Yankees are currently 44-44, 7.5 games back from 1st place Baltimore (51-36) in the AL East. I can see both sides, because the Yankees are certainly not out of it, but I can’t see them getting past Toronto (51-40) and Boston (49-38) but the Yankees are like the Pittsburgh Steelers, they have too much pride to admit that they ever need to rebuild. And Hal Steinbrenner is a Steinbrenner. ‘Nuff said.
  17. Speaking of the Steelers, the weeks get closer for them to head to Latrobe for Training Camp. The expectations are high on this team as they were a first down away from advancing to the AFC Championship Game last season.
  18. I mentioned this before, but the success of this team will depend on being healthy and the improvement of their defense-especially the cornerbacks, where the Steelers hope that 1st round pick Artie Burns and last year’s second round pick Senquez Golson can catch on quick. I wish they would’ve kept Antwuan Blake or at least Brandon Boykin. Oh well.
  19. In addition to losing to Peyton Manning, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has also lost to another opponent: the courts as he once again tried to appeal his 4-game suspension due to 2014’s Deflategate. He fought it and won last season, but not this time, buddy.
  20. Congrats to Serena Williams for winning Wimbledon yet again. It’s her 7th Wimbledon title, and 22nd overall, tying her with Steffi Graff. She’s the best-period.

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