When nutritious food is too expensive, there’s help available



More than 140,000 people in Allegheny County live with food insecurity — a lack of access to adequate food that prevents individuals from leading a healthy life — according to a recent analysis by Feeding America. Not everyone who is food insecure qualifies for government benefits, though, with almost half of the county’s food-insecure population living above the threshold for SNAP benefits. This is why food assistance resources are essential in providing everyone with access to healthy and nutritious food.

If you are experiencing temporary or long-term food insecurity, here are resources that can help you navigate that difficult circumstance.

Can you get SNAP benefits?

Sometimes known as food stamps, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] offers support for those in low-income households who need help accessing food.

To be eligible for SNAP benefits in Pennsylvania, your bank account must not exceed a certain level relative to your household size. Analyze your yearly income in relation to the number of people in the household using this table. There is no bar on college students receiving SNAP, if they otherwise qualify.


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