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New USF Assistant Coach Travis Trinket ( Photo Credit ; Cliff McAfee Jr -UMT Sports )

Welcome to Florida Coach Triskett

February 24, 2022, Tampa, Florida– USF’s Head Coach Jeff Scott, welcomed Offensive coordinator/ Quarterbacks coach Travis Triskett, to the Bulls family. First Scott paid tribute to Pat Costello, who was the Technology Specialist for the football program. We at Urban Media Today, send our condolences to the Costello family.

Next Coach Scott said, “I’m excited for what is to come this spring.” Currently there are 112 out of the 120 players that are on field with the winter workouts. Scott said, “that he is very happy that the returning players and the players that have transferred in are gelling on and off the field.” He knows that his team is far from an AAC championship.

However, he expects competition and even joked around with reporters showing a blank piece of paper for the spring game roster that takes place on April 9th at 6 pm. Coach Scott, was please with the strength staff giving the players a “Grit Score.”

This is an accountability tool that “I have never seen before.” Scott explains that every player gets it sent to them and they can get better each day. It can be used as a competitive tool amongst the players as well. For example, Scott said, “If a player has a question as to why he scored a 2 and thought he was a 3. The strength staff can let them know that hey I saw that you put your hands on your hips and that is not what we do here.”

USF Head Football Coach Jeff Scott showing the Bulls Spring Roster ( Photo Credit : Cliff McAfee Jr -UMT Sports)

When Head Coach Jeff Scott, introduced the Offensive coordinator Travis Triskett, he said, “We have a lot in common both coaches’ sons and came here to USF.” The offense will not look similar and will use a lot of the same languages to what they have doing here. Scott also, thanked departed Offensive Coordinator Charlie Wise, Jr, thanking him for his services and future at Ole Miss.

Scott said, “Bowl eligibility is definitely a goal for us in year three.” This is the first full off season that the Bulls have had under Jeff Scott. He is feeling comfortable with both the new coordinators Coach Shoop (DC) and Coach Triskett (OC), for the entire practice. Now the goal for USF, is to Recruit, Develop, and Retain, (RTR), says Coach Scott. He thinks Triskett, will play a vital role in the recruiting process in the south Florida (Broward County) area.

Triskett said, “I met with one on one with each individual player,” when he arrived on campus. The biggest reason for him taking the job is that he believed in what Coach Scott believes. Trickett, likes that the guys are excited to learn and play football. He said, he watched tapes on the offense and to see what areas he would have to work on. He said, “We just need better execution.” He will go out with each of the position groups for an occasional dinner. Triskett, is very hopeful that he does not have to move again for a very long time.

I told Bulls nation that you all have a lot to be hopefully for in 2022. Here is the list of things that everyone is talking about:

The indoor practice facility. This means that the players are happy and excited to learn the game.
The next thing is that there is the on-campus stadium that is coming soon. (Look beyond this year).

The Bulls have two new coordinators that have been successful at the college level. They truly care about the direction of the program and player progression.

There are 12 players that are “Super Seniors” that decided to stay at USF and play football. The reason is because they believe in their coaches and love Tampa. There are 21 transfer students that are just as excited as the returning players.

I like the direction that the team is going to and believe that they can get a bowl game this season with the offensive weapons that the Bulls have and not to mention they have their offensive line returning. I look forward to this season when they open up against BYU.

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Go Bulls! Cliff McAfee