Urban Media Today Remembers: The Day Michael Jackson Died [Video]


Where were you when you heard the news that Michael Jackson died? I honestly can’t remember where I was. I do remember I was driving in my car and the DJ on the radio played “Never Can Say Goodbye” and I lost it! I had to pull over and cry.

The tragic loss of the only pop star who legendary essence will live on forever in our hearts was gone. This news hit us so bad that all new outlets stopped talking about everything else and placed cameras at the hospital and MJ’s mansion in LA.

Jackson’s passing stopped the world on June 25, 2009. While the music legend was in keen preparation for his last declared tour This Is It, he suffered an episode of cardiac arrest due to acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. His death was one that showcased an avid account of universal grief, one that no entertainer’s death has ever managed to project. The influence of the greatest entertainer in the history of popular music can not be denied. (The Source, 2018) 

From breaking news to burial, MJ fans were tuned in as if to make sure our king was laid to rest properly.

We felt for the family; most importantly his children. Nine years later, the entire country remembers the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson! He will forever be in our hearts!

Rest in Heaven, Michael!

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