Urban Media Today Remembers James Ingram [VIDEO]


“Baby, Come To Me!”, “Yah Mo B There!” and “One Hundred Ways!” are just a few of the award-winning classic ballods, legendary singer James Ingram graced us with over the years.

On Tuesday, January 29th, Ingram passed away at the age of 66 from brain cancer.

Fans from across the country shared their heartfelt condolensces on social media which became a trending topic for close to 72 hours.

Ingram won a Grammy for “One Hundred Ways” in 1981 for Best Male R&B Performance and another in 1984 for “Yah Mo B There”. Throughout his career, James Ingram received 14 Grammy nominations.

The Urban Media Today family sends its deepest condolensces to the Ingram family.

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