Urban Media Today Radio: One Year Later… [Video]


One year later, one idea executed and look what we have now! Just so you know, this is a project I never thought I would take on. I never imagined running a station; even if it’s an online station! Outside of music days and ego-driven personalities (well, I have one diva), it takes the same amount of patience and discipline that it does on terrestrial radio.

Yesterday was our first on-site broadcast and it was well received. I’m sure you’ve been seeing my posts on Urban Media Today Radio. Instead of swiping up, stop for a second and check it out! I would appreciate it!

Special thanks to all those who have supported from day one. We’re starting to make some noise!

Thank you to all those who believed in us and subscribed already! It’s so appreciated!

Shouts to my mentor Alan Lincoln for the direction and confidence in me to leave me to be as creative as I want to be and for never leaving me (you know what I mean).

SISTER LOVE: Can I give a WHOOT WHOOT to my annoying, newly adopted SISTER (by default ;P) to my cute sister in business, Aleigha Johnson who makes every effort to correspond with me on updates on subscriptions, send out e-blasts, listens to me complain and executes all that is needed to keep this ship floating and moving forward! When you subscribe or receive an e-blast, it’s her! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!

LOVE SHOUT: To my partner who drives me crazy but makes me love him more every day! Trevin A Jones, you pump me up, challenge me and never give up on me (even when I’m moody and ready to throw a tantrum)! We make a pretty damn good team, babe! As you would say, let’s “make it happen”

Trevin and I work on the online blog magazine, Urban Media Today together and I program the online station. He produces sports podcasts like #SoultakeChampionsLive#UrbanMediaTodayTalksSports and #TimeoutSports w/ John McCann (he likes sports, a lot). He has also helped me with some imaging for the station as well as hosting the Sunday jazz show. He’s pretty good too!

We’re preparing for the Summer so get ready for new shows, new voices, new mixes, and fun contests!

Without ever having to do this on our own and having to take direction from higher-ups, it didn’t discourage us but helped us gain more knowledge on doing it the way WE WANT IT and stepping out on faith to get it done!

This is a business guys! We need your support (and subscriptions to the online magazine) to keep it around and growing larger to serve a broader audience. Go online and subscribe for ONLY $19.99/year! You won’t even remember you did!

Check out the video to see all of what we do! Then tune in to hear it for yourself!

You can find us on UrbanMediaToday.comLive365 (Official) and TuneIn.

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