I thought it was just me who experienced an issue with my Instagram and Facebook app yesterday, but I realized there were alot more frustrated Americans (well, humans) who couldn’t post, refresh or reply on the Instagram and Facebook (and WhatsApp) apps.

Facebook issued a statement addressing the situation without much of a solution but alerting members they were on the case.

After 2 AM Thursday morning, all was back to “normal” and we could go back to ignoring everyone and double-tapping stupid posts made by people we hardly know or talk to.

Here’s what you can do to pass the time just in case this happens again (because it probably will).

GearHungry.com offers some tips on surviving another social media outage:

  1. Meditate (clear your mind of all the toxins and unneccessary clutter)
  2. Do something (go outside, take a walk, write a letter!)
  3. Get Physical (instead of liking someone workout, get one in)
  4. Get Some Sleep (when you’re online, you take away the necessary time you could be using to get your rest)
  5. Read (Remember books? There are alot to choose from at the public library or bookstore. Give it a try)

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