Urban Media Today fashion contributor, Dianne Lemon, has once again come through with the best fashion tips that can do more than just make a statement! We’re making statements at any age!

The Envoi Lifestyle CEO says “fabulous never runs out” in her PureStyleEdition online blog magazine! She’s happy to share with us her secrets on making fashion FABULOUS at any age!

Founder & CEO, Envoi Lifestyle and PureStyle Edition, Dianne Lemon

Fabulous is a state of mind when it comes to staying stylish as you grow older.  No, you don’t want to wear minis at any age, but you do not have to ascribe to the belief that as you age, you should start wearing caftans to cover up and keep a low profile.  Living inauthenticity is key to remaining women with style.

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Staying stylish as you age is really about wearing the items that are timeless, and that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It’s like you are born with style and it resonates from your total being.

It can be troublesome to try and keep up with the latest trends in fashion, there are some things that never go out of style, Trends come and go but style: lasts a lifetime.  Trust your own personal style and if it feels right, fits great and makes you smile, go for it.

Keep it simple yet elegant, and play up your positives.  Fun flirty colorful accessories is another way that you can express your individual style.  Basic colors and silhouettes beg to be enlivened by eye-catching accessories.  

Dianne has more fashion tips right here! Click the link & tell us what you think!

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