UMT Business: Port Authority Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Maurice Bell


Urban Media Today is proud to announce a major change in management with Port Authority of Pittsburgh, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Maurice Bell.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports Bell, born in Davis, California, began his career in the transit industry in Sacramento. After working in Florida and Dallas, he landed a leadership position in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pa.

In Dallas, Bell worked as the Vice President of Mobility Solutions which he felt was ” important for his career to get experience with a technology company specializing in the development of self-driving vehicles, but he was ready to return to public transit.” (Post Gazette, 2019)

Port Authority Chief Operating Officer, Maurice Bell

Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports:

Mr. Bell said he was attracted to Pittsburgh because of his positive impressions of the city during a trip through the area more than 20 years ago, the recent growth in technology and other areas, and the possibilities for the Port Authority. That, and a nudge at a conference from Port Authority CEO Katharine Eagan Kelleman, whom he knew distantly as a planner when she worked for the Dallas agency.

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