They’re calling it ‘bio valley,’ but Hazelwood residents want to know what it means for them

Carnegie Mellon University

Hazelwood may be a food desert, but in the neighborhood’s partly vacant commercial corridor, you can still enjoy a “little taste of France” at a bakery occupying the site of a Temple former grocery store.

The nearest grocery store is a Giant Eagle a mile and a half up the hill in Greenfield, and some longtime residents like Saundra Cole-McKamey, 58, wonder who the bakery is for.

“We didn’t ask for that at all,” she said. Developers “come in our community. They don’t ask what we want.”

Similar concerns apply to the future of a large land tract just north of the business district that, at least for now, sits largely undeveloped. The grassy swath of land, known as Hazelwood Green, is historically tied to the adjacent Hazelwood neighborhood and will likely shape the course of its future.