The Hey Girl Hey Podcast w/ Family Law Attorney, Lauren Darbouze [AUDIO/VIDEO]



The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (Aug 8) w/ Atty. Lauren Darbouze

In this week’s episode of The Hey Girl Hey Podcast, we return with Pittsburgh divorce attorney, Lauren Darbouze of the Darbouze Law Group to discuss the difference between custody and #childsupport#divorce, and how even regular people can get a #prenup.

First:15-Hot Topics: we talk about actress Zoe Saldana and her regret playing Nina Simone.

“They Said” Fan Mail: a man writes about his girlfriend of 2 years who has a spending problem and worrying if he should end the relationship or try to help her.

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Hey Girl Hey Spotlight: Attorney Lauren Darbouze of the Darbouze Law Group responds to more fan mail regarding child support, custody, prenups and divorce.


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