The Hey Girl Hey Podcast (May 9, 2020) w/ Guest Attorney Amber Owens [VIDEO/AUDIO]

LaShawn Tipton, Gerri Tipton and Ki Ki Brown

This week, we catch up on one another and how we’re dealing with the last few weeks of coronavirus quarantine. Plus we talk about Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary “Becoming” (only Ki Ki saw it) and how much they miss the Obama’s in the White House.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Amber Owens joins in to discuss Raven’s safety, Earl Thomas who was held at gunpoint by his wife who allegedly caught him cheating

We also talk about the recent tragedy of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, who was jogging in a Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood, allegedly targeted by two white men (Gregory and Travis McMichael who are father and son).

After recording this episode, we found out Gregory and Travis were both arrested.


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