The Hey Girl Hey Podcast for Sept 5, 2020 [AUDIO]


This week, we talked about the tragic, unexpected loss of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman. The subject of early detection and how his one co-star on the Netflix movie “Da 5 Bloods” thought he was being a diva on set. Unaware he was dying of cancer.

We also discussed Claws star Niecy Nash‘s sudden marriage (to a woman) and how shocked we were about that because Nash was the same woman who said a “BJ a day keeps the divorce lawyer away”. Needless to say, she’s not one to take marital advice from. Good luck to her though.

Racism etiquette (mixed couple issue) and negative thoughts are a few things we engaged in this week. And in our Final 15, we talked about the importance of self-care.

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