The Coronavirus Cuts Business for Baltimore Salon-“We’ll Get Through It…”[VIDEO]


The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of lives across the globe. For more than a month, people across the country have had to alter their lives, careers, businesses and families in order to survive. Government officials and the President say there is hope but people aren’t trusting that change is gonna come as soon as they’d hope. Meaning, they’ll have to wait it out a little longer.

It hasn’t been easy for Brandi Brown, married with two twin girls and a salon owner in Baltimore City, Maryland.

The 30-something entrepreneur and stylist had to close her salon doors (before celebrating its one year anniversary) recently due to Maryland Governor Hogan’s stay-in policies.

If anyone knows Brandi personally, then you know she never settles for mediocre. She will do whatever she has to do (except compromise her or her family’s integrity and reputation) to take care of those she loves and continue building her empire. She’s definitely that BOSS CHICK!

I had an opportunity to “kick it” with Brandi for a few minutes to see how she’s doing, how she’s coping, and what her plans are once the stay-home policies have been lifted in her state.

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