Russell Wilson shares how he wooed Ciara


There’s been a lot of chatter about Russell Wilson and Ciara as of late—namely, how the NFL star won the heart of the stunning singer. Recently, former Miami Dolphins linebacker-turned-podcaster Channing Crowder rudely speculated the entertainer’s interest must’ve been sparked by Wilson’s net worth—going so far as to call Wilson “square” as he questioned why Ciara would leave unfaithful ex-fiancé Future for a “goofball.” But based on an anecdote Wilson shared with Kevin Hart during a recent appearance on the comedian’s SiriusXM show, Laugh Out Loud Radio, maybe corniness was actually the key.

As reported by both Wilson and People magazine, it all started with a so-called “tore-up” and “broke-down” wallet the quarterback had held onto “for a while”—and happened to pull out during the couple’s first dinner date.

“First day we met—and we had been talking for two-and-a-half hours, hanging out—she saw the wallet, sitting on the table,” Wilson recounted, per People. “She said, ‘What the hell is that? You’re losing with that.’ ”

Already well-attuned to quick thinking on the field, Wilson was ready with a retort: “I put my finger [up] and said, ‘First of all, with me, you’re never losing,’ ” he told Ciara. ” ‘Second of all, that wallet, that shows consistency. That’s what you’re going to get from me: you’re going to get somebody who is consistent for you every day. Inside that wallet, there’s something that’s real in there,” he added.

The wallet may have been losing, but ultimately, Wilson won Ciara’s hand, and while some may stay salty about that fact, there’s likely a lesson to be learned here—one also pointed out by former NFL player Ryan Clark in response to Crowder’s unsolicited comments. “When you go from this level of toxicity, you just want something stable,” he told his co-host of The Pivot podcast.

Anyone who has lived through their share of toxic relationships is likely inclined to agree—and to quote Kate Winslet in the film The Holiday: “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.” But aside from the fact that it’s actually nobody’s business but theirs, let’s also not rule out the possibility that Ciara is attracted to her husband. Yes, everyone has a type, but trust: tastes can change—especially after too many experiences of bitterness. Call Russell a square if you want, but he’s a decidedly sweet and steady one.

All we know is while folks are on Round 76 of speculating about how the Wilsons came to be, Ciara has made her feelings about her husband of nearly six years pretty clear.

Story Credit: Maiysha Kai/thegrio

Photo Credit: Ciara/Instagram