Pittsburgh Legend Graces Urban Media Today Radio with Old School Show!


Urban Media Today and Urban Media Today Radio welcomes legendary Pittsburgh DJ, Sly Jock to the roster! Get ready for Diggin in the Crates, which will air Sunday nights on Urban Media Today Radio, the online radio station that hosts music, sports and finance podcasts 24/7 through Live365 and TuneIn Radio.

Sly Jock is best known for his 30 year career in radio as the first mixer to play Hip Hop and host the first mix show in Pittsburgh! Sly hosted an overnight old school show and a highly-rated morning show on WAMO 106 Jamz, formally owned by the Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation (no longer in existence).

Urban Media Today Radio has decided to bring that old school flavor back to the airwaves, adding Sly’s personality, quick wit and music experience because it’s “something we need right now”, says Aliquippa, PA native, Philip Billingslea, fan of the show!

Pittsburgh, being the flagship market for the show, will get to stroll down memory lane with other markets across the country and internationally. “We want to show the world what we held onto and loved for so long with Sly,” says Urban Media Today CEO Alan Lincoln.

Retired from radio, Sly still enjoys playing music for wedding parties and local social clubs because he says “it’s something I can’t stop. It’s in my blood.” I’m happy about that because he’s my dad! (surprise)

Diggin’ in the Crates will air on Sunday nights at 7PM and will be accessible to VIP subscribers through private distribution! Better get your subscription today! Log onto www.UrbanMediaToday.com now!

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