Pittsburgh has a commission dedicated to racial equity – but in two years, it has never held a meeting



In summer 2020, Pittsburgh City Council approved, and former Mayor Bill Peduto signed into existence, the Commission on Racial Equity. According to the city code, the commission was meant to provide support for “reducing institutional racism and increasing racial equity in the City of Pittsburgh.”

But the commission and its members never met.

Jam Hammond, one of the appointed commission members and director of the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations, said the city needs to evaluate whether it is needed or not.

“Is the racial equity commission the right vehicle to promote racial equity in the City of Pittsburgh? If it is, then we should be more active,” Hammond told PublicSource. “If it isn’t, then we should maybe be a little bit more transparent with the public and say, this looked like it was going to work, but we have some other ideas.”

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Image: Miles Peacock/Unsplash