Millennials gain power on Pittsburgh, Allegheny County boards



Aster Teclay joined the city’s Housing Opportunity Fund Advisory Board in October and is one of eight millennials on the 21-member board. She believes that generational perspective really matters.

“I’m not a homeowner … and I don’t necessarily fit in with the programs that we serve, but I also represent a population that is huge in Pittsburgh, where it’s like, we want to be homeowners [but] we can’t afford homeownership,” said Teclay, 34.

And conversations about affordable housing extend to renting as well as homeownership.

“When we think about affordable rent, sometimes we think about what that person looks like, and there’s a misconception,” Teclay said. “I’m like, no, I have friends that are teachers, friends that are working the service industry, that can’t afford most of the places that they’re living in and then have a whole bunch of student debt. And having that voice echoed multiple times makes a big difference.”

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Image: [email protected]/Unsplash