E-Report: The Happiest Place On Earth Is NOT At Disney World or Land!

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash
Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

Ok, so I’ve never been to Disney World, Land, City or Street. I never even wanted to go as a child. Growing up in the “urban” section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania provided other family vacation goals like Kennywood Park or Cedar Point or Virgina (because that’s just where you went for family vacations).

Now that I’m an adult, I am in search of my “happy place”. I don’t mean a namaste happy place (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea). I mean an actual place that will make me happy: Smile! Wake up smiling! Wake up with sun in my eyes! Wake up with a smile and sun in my eyes, along side a blue ocean and island breeze.

I thought I was good when I finally went to Las Vegas a few times with my friends. Nope! Not a happy place (except for that one time…nevermind).

Tuscany was another place that I imagined finding my inner-smiley face as well as what I thought would complete me. Blame it on Diane Lane in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun. I fell in love with the movie! I know absolutely nothing about the place; I just want to go.

I have traveled to Cancun for a wedding and that was nice. It was my first time out of the country. I enjoyed the resort and it’s all inclusiveness. Was I full of happiness? Well…not everyday. It was nice, I’ll admit, but it didn’t give me that Oprah Winfrey “oh my Goooooood!!!!” feeling.


Now I’m in search of finding a place that will give me that fulfillment I’ve been searching for.

I’m looking for a place that will offer adventure, tranquility, amazing cuisine, culture and of course (and most importantly) FREE WIFI!

Here are a few happy place cities that might be pretty cool to check out. If you go, take lots of pictures!

  • Auckland, New Zealand (cityscape and serene black-sand beaches)
  • Monterrey, Mexico (stress free communities, amazing social lifestyle)
  • Bergen, Norway (arcitecture, cafes, cuisine and happy people! Plus, the President highly recommends it!)

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