Don Lemon says X is suppressing his Elon Musk interview

Credit: Instagram/@donlemonofficial

By thegrio Entertainment

As theGrio previously reported, Lemon’s highly anticipated new series, “The Don Lemon Show,” premiered online Monday, featuring an interview with X owner Elon Musk. Lemon’s first series following his highly publicized exit from CNN was originally part of a deal with the social media site, which was set to hold exclusive clips from the series. Days before the premiere, however, Musk reportedly texted Lemon saying the deal was off after he already recorded his interview with Lemon.

The premiere episode dropped on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and, despite the fallout with Musk, even X. Lemon told The Wrap, however, that he believes the interview is being suppressed on the site.

“It would seem to defy credulity that if 21 million people engaged with my post on X announcing my new show, that only a few hundred thousand would be interested in the interview on X as of this afternoon,” Lemon told the outlet. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

A representative for Lemon also told the outlet, “X is obviously suppressing free speech. Don’s interview was suppressed by X so less people view it.”

The official X News account responded to The Wrap’s story, writing, “No suppression here– X believes in free speech. You might want to check YouTube, there’s only 188K views!” The X Business account also posted about Lemon’s interview, citing timestamped information on viewership and growth of the interview on the site.

Lemon opened up to People magazine over the weekend to break down his relationship with Musk following their interview, saying, “He’s not used to being held to account. He’s not used to having to answer to anyone, especially someone like me who doesn’t share his worldview, who doesn’t look like him.”

The premiere episode of “The Don Lemon Show,” featuring his much-talked-about interview, is available to stream now.