Covering The Front Line Has Its Challenges-One On One w/ News Reporter, Michele Newell [VIDEO]


We text back and forth from time to time and it’s been that way for a good year and some change. I met Michele Newell, a news reporter for Pittsburgh news station, WPXI (Cox Communications) when she stopped by the WAMO 100 studios to interview me about my brother who was then incarcerated and had been reported ill from a K-2 incident that happened at SCI Greene Correctional facility.

Since then, we’ve grown close and I’ve admired her tenacity and rockstar work ethic! She’s always working! She’s covering the hard news on violent crimes, fires, and recently (and more consistently) the coronavirus.

I wanted to check in with her to see how she’s holding up and ask her if this pandemic affects her as it does the rest of us. I was also eager to know what she misses the most during this “time out” if all this is overwhelming to her and what she’s looking forward to doing when all this is over!

Check out my “Kick’n It With The Kitty” conversation with news reporter, Michele Newell:

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