The news stories of children held in detention centers, away from their families, have saturated our news feeds and social media sites; stirring an uproar from Americans who question the stability of our political officials. Republicans blame Democrats and Democrats are blaming Republicans and still, no solution!

Can you imagine having your child being taken away from you and there’s nothing you can do about it? And nothing no one else will do about it? How did we get here?

The Huffington Post is reporting:

Faced with a growing humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border as a result of the Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” immigration policy, lawmakers in both the House and Senate are predictably at an impasse over a solution that would prevent thousands of children from being separated from their detained immigrant parents. Their task has been made more difficult by President Donald Trump, who has demanded a broad immigration package rather than a smaller, quick fix that has a higher chance of reaching his desk.

Emerging from a weekly policy lunch, Senate Republicans announced they supported passing a narrowly tailored bill that would keep undocumented immigrant families together as they’re being processed by federal officials. While they discussed several options, they did not coalesce around a single proposal, however ― saying they hoped to first attract Democratic support this week.

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