From shopping online for the latest fashion trends, renewing your online movie streaming service you hardly ever watch, to eating out whenever we don’t feel like cooking can put a huge bruise on your finances. has some helpful tips on how you can stop wasting your hard earned money on sensless things.

Stop Using It

In order to completely become debt-free, you have to make a commitment to stop using debt — of any kind. That means no more credit cards, no more taking out loans of any kind, and no more borrowing money from a relative.

Stick to It

This is the hard part of killing off the debt monster. You have to stay committed and focused to paying off your debt. Even when there are setbacks (and there will be setbacks!), you must keep going. The debts aren’t going to pay off themselves.

Start Saving

A great emergency fund will end up having six months of your living expenses saved in it. Which for most folks, if you tallied up how much money it takes you to live every month, then multiply that number by six, it’s probably at least $20,000 if not more.

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