Top Restaurants in The USA

We eat a lot. From dining to fast food, we are eating. Alone or together, we are still eating. We eat all year round. For many years, there have been many great restaurants in USA, but this year, there are additional top new African-American restaurants everywhere else in USA.

1. The Cecil – Specifically in high-end restaurants, you have a tendency of seeing the same people who are eating the same dishes. Then you start taking them for granted. You then find a place like The Cecil and you have been woken up. Its food has been the most thrilling and unique food that are tested by professionals. This restaurant is loaded and primed with the flavors of African diaspora.
210 W 118 Street, New York

Chi Spacca

2. Chi Spacca – The highest-minded new temple of meat in the country has a peerless pedigree. In year 2006, Mario Batali has partnered with pasta doyenne, Nancy Silverton in order to make the Pizzeria Mezza of LA. They followed it after one year with an even more successful restaurant. Any eatery needs to be judged by its steak and that is the factor that puts Chi Specca over the top.
6610 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca

3. Knife – is a steak house by John Tesar. For twenty years, Tesar maintained a reputation as one of the most high-powered luxury chefs in the city, and this makes him the last person that anyone would expect to open a steakhouse. It is a restaurant that most commonly no real chef at all, just a taxed guy with the old turn-and-burn method of cooking USDA choice of beef slabs. 5300 Mockingbird LN Dallas, TX

4. Gunshow – If there is a manlier restaurant in USA than the Gunshow in Atlanta, you probably do not want to eat there. Its lights are like an interrogation room, and its floor and walls are bare and hard. If not for the giant painting of a boar serving as the only decoration of the place, it may look like an abandoned factory. Nevertheless, its foods are exceptional.
924 Garrette St. Atlanta, GA

5. Husk – Every good restaurant is claiming to be all about the ingredients, and this African-
American restaurant really is. Just like its parent, Charleston, its attitude toward things like tomatoes and oysters is reverential almost to the point of mysticism, and the chef gets more

focused at all time.
76 Queens St. Charleston, SC 37 Rutledge St. Nashville, TN

faith and flower

6. Faith and Flower – It does not need to nearly as good as it is. A late-night refuge for rascals and
roués, it is the epicenter of the downtown renaissance of the city and has little in the way of competition. People are usually going there for the flaming absinthe cart, but the chef takes things far into fine-dining territory, impeccable technique to a kitchen, and bringing deep flavors.
705 W 9th ST. Los Angeles, CA

7. Nico Osteria – Its sheer luxuriousness comes as a surprise, because the executive chef and partner have never hinted at opulence. The restaurant is posh and elegant.
1015 N Rush ST. Chicago, IL

Each of these unique restaurants around. United States have their own tastes and styles. Try each of
these and you will surely love them.


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