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In the past few years, people in America and around the globe are impressed by small homes. There are many positive things about owning a small house. Obviously, they are much cheaper than big homes. In addition, they are easy to maintain. It is also much easier to take care of the exterior. These are only some of the advantages of new small houses and the reason why so many people are interested in owning one. However, there are some downsides associated with this specific type of housing. For instance, there are ordinances in certain places that are not favorable when it comes to small homes and it seems that builders are more focused on larger projects so it is sometimes difficult to find reliable builders for this purpose. But, the fact is that there are some places across America that actually support the construction of such homes. So, where are the best new small houses in America?

In order to find these states where you can build a home like this, you must take different factors into consideration and based on these factors you can create a short list of friendly places.

A small house is defined as a house that covers an area of about 600 square feet even though there is no official definition of such homes so they may be a little bit small or bigger.

The best new small houses in America can be found in areas with liberal zoning and permitting regulations. These areas provide good options for mobile homes, ADUs, RVs and other similar small and improvised homes. A good state for this type of homes is a state where the laws, ordinances and codes are not very strict when it comes to the size of your home. In many cases, local authorities regulate some aspects of this issue, so you should analyze these regulations too. There are many states where local authorities provide special information to small home owners through the Internet or via pamphlets that can be found in their offices.

small house 2

If you want to live in the best new small houses in America, you must find a place where there are already a high number of houses like this. As a matter of fact, in a community like this you can get inspiration for the floor plan and overall design of your home. There are also many states in which you can find towns and cities that support small houses over the Internet and they are trying to attract homeowners. In addition, if you are interested in some specific place, you should analyze the availability of architects and builders focused on new small houses.

If you do a brief research, you will see that California is the state where we can find a huge number of small homes. Building new small homes is a real trend there. In addition, you can try Oregon, North Carolina, Texas and Florida as places where many builders and architects have experience in this field.



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