Get your hotdog! Get your hotdog! (Sorry, I have that stuck in my head all summer long watching baseball on television!) As we approach fall, it’s the downside of baseball and the football season. Are you ready to tailgate all the games? Get ready by preparing these dishes for the hungry crowds.


Sliders. ( Sliders are really easy to make. They can be made by using the small Hawaiian rolls. Choose any meat and any cheese. You can have sliders that are ham and cheese, while you can have another tray of sliders which are turkey and cheese. Have at least three different selections for your guests. Maybe the third meat is roast beef or salami. Vary the cheese on each slider, however. If you have parmesan cheese paired with turkey, have Swiss cheese with ham. This cuts down on your cost and gives your customer options.


Rice Krispie bites. ( When you’re tailgating, it’s important to have finger foods. People are often on the go from one food vendor to another. Rice Krispie bites are a perfect snack. You can dye the Krispies any color that represents your sports team. For example, Packer fans may dye the Krispies green and yellow. Fans of New England Patriots would dye the Krispies navy blue and red. This shows your team spirit and it’s eye-catching to those that come up to your food stand. Get into the action and show other fans how much you’re rooting for your beloved team.


Football Ice Cream Sandwiches. If you want a sweet treat, sell these football ice cream sandwiches. ( There’s not much you need to do to them. In fact, all you need to do is purchase the ice cream. You need to purchase wood sticks and white icing as well. Use the wooden sticks to insert into the ice cream, leaving it out far enough where people can grasp it with their hand. Then, use the white icing to make the sandwich look like a football. You may even take it one step further and write football-themed information on the sticks, such as quotes or facts about players of the team.


Football-themed popcorn. ( Similar to the Rice Krispie treats, this popcorn is a wonderful way to show your football spirit. For this snack, you mix M&M candy into the popcorn. This is one of the more costly tailgating snacks in my opinion. If you’re only doing one specific team, you’d be pulling out all the M&Ms that match your team’s colors. Chances are that you’d have an excess bags of M&Ms left over. You could always do the visiting team as well; this would give you more popcorn bags. That way it wouldn’t be such a waste of candy.


Muffin tin bacon cheeseburgers. ( Finally, draw in your customers with these delicious cheeseburgers! They are fun and super easy to make for your guests. You’re going to need an oven and a skillet, so these may be easier to cook at home. You make them the same way you cook regular burgers, but there are a few variations. For instance, you only put half the bun in the bottom of the muffin pan. You brown the beef, drain it and then divide it throughout the muffin cups. Then, add the toppings and cheese. It’s simplistic to make and super yummy! Your guests will devour the flavorful spices and come back for more.


So let’s get at it. We don’t have time to waste as football season is here. Plan out your tailgating menu and you may be a favorite of the sports fans!


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