Do you want to beat cancer? Your answer should be an overwhelming yes! None of us want to go through surgery or chemotherapy, nor do we want our loved ones to suffer through it. What if I told you that it was possible? Living a cancer-free lifestyle is a simple process that you can do day to day. Here’s how to do and avoid ever being in the cancer wing of your hospital.

First, get outside. Soak up the free vitamin d that shines down from the sun. Go swimming in the ocean, play basketball or go for a morning jog. Take a leisurely bicycle ride or walk your dog. It’s a myth that being outside causes cancer. We can protect our bodies from the UV rays that come from the sun, but we need the sun to keep us healthy. Vitamin D is going to boost your immune system and help your body fight off dangerous bacteria.

You should also move around each day. Exercise doesn’t have to involve strength training each day. Walk around your neighborhood or buy a mini trampoline for your house. Spend a few minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. Vary your exercise between cardio and strength training on weight machines. This way your body doesn’t get used to one routine. If we were to sit all day, however, which our bodies were not designed to do, it increases our chances of getting cancer. It also puts at a higher risk of becoming a diabetic.

Likewise, look at what you eat each day. How healthy are you eating? If you want to prevent cancer, eat a diet that’s high protein. This type of diet is going to be rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Limit your exposure to red meat, such as beef and pork. Trade it in for turkey, chicken, salmon and tuna. All of these meats have omega-3 fatty acids which are going to help reduce your weight. Omega-3s, too, contribute to lower cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure.

You also have to reduce your stress. This is easier for some people than others. If fear is prominent in your life, you have to first identify your stressors. Is it a friend or family member? Is it your job or a situation? Look for positive ways of how you can change it. Sometimes it’s a matter of leaving it behind that does the trick, but this doesn’t always work. If your child is the stressor, for instance, you just can’t leave your child. That’s when you must find ways to reduce or manage the stress. What about your child causes you stress? It may be helpful to journal about it. This is going to reveal patterns and may help you work toward a solution.

Finally, stay away from smoking. Smoking is accountable for millions of deaths each year. It affects every healthy organ within the human body. Not only are you harming your body, but each time you smoke around others, the risk of secondhand smoke impacts their health as well. While you have a much higher chance of encountering cancer as a smoker, it is possible to get smoking-related cancers. In fact, you can still get lung cancer without having smoked any cigarettes. If your ultimate goal is to prevent cancer, there are ways to do it. You have to be motivated and dedicated to this style of living, for it’s going to serve you well.


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