I woke up at 4 AM, walked my dog, started a pot of coffee and parked my keister on the couch, like everyone else across the globe to watch one of the most anticipated weddings since Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ nuptials. I did watch Prince William’s wedding but this one was special.

Don’t get me wrong. I teared up (a little) watching Kate and William get married but there’s something about this particular wedding that hit that sweet spot in my spirit.

You see, I’ve been a fan of the royals all my life. As I mentioned before, I watched the wedding of Prince William and Harry’s mother when she married their father, Prince Charles. I watched the announcement of the prince’s births and I watched the fall of Diana and Charles; as did the entire world.

I saw Diana reclaim her time as a newly single woman, activist, and more importantly a loving mother. I watched her protect her boys from the photographers; not caring about the repercussions. I even witnessed when she found love; the love short-lived and soon ended tragically. That one hurt.

I cried during the funeral. I watched as Prince William and Harry walked behind their mother’s casket, heads down low.

So when I tell you I felt a connection, I can honestly say, I felt like a distant auntie or cousin watching their “kinfolk” finally find happiness with an American woman. Excuse me, I mean African-American woman, Miss Meghan Markle, an actress from California who looked so beautiful and the love between the both of them was so genuine.


I watched those boys grow into handsome and respectable young men who were determined to continue their mother’s legacy. Harry had a rough start, being labeled the “party prince” but with a swift kick in the butt (I’m assuming from the queen), he fixed what was broken and won the hearts of everyone with his philanthropic efforts in Africa, launching non profit organizations that support those living with mental illness and more.

Royal wedding goes off without a hitch

Back to the wedding: The service was like sitting in on Sunday morning church service with a visiting family (no hollering like there usually would be during church service) with the message being delivered by Michael Curry.

He talked about love and how it can be taken for granted and ignored. He talked about the importance of prayer and faith. If you looked at Meghan and Harry, you can see they got the message (which I don’t believe was intended for them). The royal watchers (outside of our melanin visitors) seemed lost and some uncomfortable at the intensity of the word brought forth from the Chicago pastor.

Harry and Meghan said their vows, exchanged rings (breaking tradition), signed the papers (not viewed by the media) and were announced Duke and Dutchess of Sussex.

I am so happy for Harry because from where I’m sitting (watching all these years), he finally found a woman who can make him feel that same unconditional love the way his mother did (but in a different way, if you know what I mean). Love is truly all we need.

Congrats to the beautiful couple.

John McCann provides his spin on the Royal Wedding! Listen here! (hilarious) 


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