“Give it up” 

Margo Hinton joins the Urban Media Today  sports weekend lineup  with her insight on sports from a womans’ perspective. The High School and College Hall of Fame former basketball star  touches on the importance of self discipline,always challenging yourself and the support of community in This weeks Spotlight  and Poem …..

Margo Hinton

February 27, 2002

                                                               WHAT IF?

What would America be without the struggle of Black folk?
How could we fight terrorism, if we had never moved beyond slavery? What if the Civil Rights Movement had stood still?

What if there were no Martins, Malcolms or Medgars Or before them

No Bethunes, Tubmans nor Booker T’s?Where and what would America be?

What if Jim Crow was still the law and black skin was still considered a flaw?

Where and what would America be?

What if we didn’t fight?
What if we believed what we were told? What if we were still bought and sold?

What would America be?

Could we even tell right from wrong? If Blacks were

Still lynched And hosed And bombed?

What if the mindset of 1962 colored our soul in 2002? Hmm, would you even be you?

And what would America be?

By Margo Hinton

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