The overeating season (Holiday 2017) is over and people are slowly starting to practice the same daily routine as before the holiday season. However, the holiday season usually makes us a few pounds heavier, so it is no wonder why people start making plans to lose weight and analyze their dieting at this period of the year. This year, we still won’t be able to use some magic pills or some simple solution that will help us get into perfect shape, balance our weight and help our body get all the necessary nutrients. However, experts predict that there will be few dieting trends that will be followed by many men and women who care about their weight and health. The keto diet has become especially popular, with many people using supplements to help them stick to it. This Purefit Review by ketogenic supplement reviews would be of use to anyone in this boat.

First of all, people will practice more detoxification and juicing diets. Detox or detoxification diets typically involve periods of fasting or strict dieting which includes eating only veggies, fruits, water and natural juices. There are many studies that have confirmed the efficiency of these detox diets for our body, but you need to be careful because there are dozens of online diets that claim to be useful even though they were not actually tested. Stick to well-known detox and juicing diets that have already helped other people.

Another trend that we can expect this year is following a diet that is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Instead of focusing on foods rich in carbs, you should replace some of them with foods rich in protein. Modern people definitely need to increase protein intake even though taking too much protein can be harmful. You need to find the right balance. In order to find out how much protein you need, you should multiply your weight (in pounds) by exactly 0.36. Instead of eating sandwiches packed with carbs, eat lettuce wraps. In addition, take more legumes with your meals. Use more chicken meat instead of pork.

While we are talking about dieting for the winter, it is good to mention that many experts in this field agree that the trend known as paleo diet will continue. This diet is based on the eating that was practiced by our ancestors who lived during Paleolithic Age. If you want to follow this diet, you’ll need to avoid processed foods (no dairy and no processed sugar). Fish, meat and large quantities of fruit and veggies are a must. There are hundreds of Paleo recipes on the internet, so we are sure that your menu will always be rich if you choose this type of dieting.


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