When I was a kid, we used to take summer road trips. On the last day of school, we would pack our suitcases and the car. Mom and Dad would let us stay up late and get into the car while still in our pajamas. We were off to an adventure. Each year we went a different destination, but it was the family time that I remember the most. Wherever you live, east coast or west—you may want to add these cities to your summer road trip list. They each hold something different, but many have so much in common. Either way, enjoy your summer on the east coast.


First and foremost is Nashville, Tennessee. This is known as the country capital of the world. But, if you’re not so keen on Garth Brooks or Shania Twain…well, there is non-musical attractions here as well. Those that enjoy music, however, may want to tour Ryman Auditorium. When we were there, we were actually able to go onto the stage. Try to get tickets for a Grand Ole Opry concert or visit the country music hall of fame. The tours in Nashville are plentiful. You can take a showboat tour, for instance, that takes you down the Cumberland River in one of the nation’s largest paddle boats. Tour mansions or go on a sightseeing tour of Nashville’s culinary scene.


Charleston, South Carolina is another summer road trip possibility. This is a very southern city with historical roots. It’s well-known for its culinary attributes and has designed a culinary tour for visitors. This gives you the opportunity to taste the different flavors that Charleston offers. Try to sample everything and let your taste buds do the talking. It also has a lot of outdoor attractions. The Riley Waterfront Park, for instance, has an evening carriage tour of downtown Charleston. There are more than enough museums to keep you occupied and a plentiful choice of shows to choose from for your nightlife entertainment.


Savannah, Georgia is another terrific spot to visit. Forsyth Park is a must-see while in Savannah. This park covers nearly 30 acres of land. Locals and tourists love to sit and rest within the park. There are often concerts here and a farmer’s market is held within the park every Saturday. Also, take the time to visit the Roots Up Gallery. If you want to soak in the local culture, this is the place to do it. Here you will find pottery and sculptures that were constructed by locals. Many of the painters are unknown, but it opens your eyes to the life that is lived in Georgia. If you have time, take the Capturing Savannah Photography Walking Tour. Here you will discover the historic side of Savannah and really connect with the culture at face value.


If you want a bit of a history lesson, head over to the nation’s capitol. There are museums that fit whichever era of history you are looking for the most. The Smithsonian Museum, for instance, is more science and technology based. Yet, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum brings us back to a time with an evil dictator was once in power. Take a bus tour or rent a bike. Take in a show or drive around town finding all the monuments. There is more than enough to keep you busy. You can always find something to do here.


Finally, don’t forget about Boston, Massachusetts. At nearly the tip of the East Coast, this city offers something for everyone. It has trolly tours that allow riders to hop on or hop off the trolly. It also has the New England Aquarium. Here you can see sea lions and turtles that are relevant to the Boston area. In fact, there are more than 800 marine species. There are also private day tours for those that are history buffs. Take a step back in time and take a tour of Plymouth Plantation or Salem.


Traveling up or down the east coast can be exciting. But don’t forget to spend lots of family time along the way. That’s what makes road trips so fun. editor@urbanmediatoday.com


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