Ray Jr. on Sports

  The Final Four-I have to admit; this is one of the more exciting Final Fours in recent years. To no surprise, North Carolina is there, but if someone would’ve told me that Gonzaga, Oregon..and especially South Carolina would be there, I would’ve had your head examined. But here they are, among the final four […]

Facts About Heart Disease

Many health conditions can result in what is termed heart diseases, such as arrhythmias, heart infections, coronary artery disease, diseases that affect blood vessels and congenital heart defects. The most common meaning of heart disease is any blockage in the blood vessels, arteries or the heart’s valves, which can result in a heart attack or […]

UMT Sports Update

As the Month of March comes to an end, here’s what’s happening in the world of sports….                                                  College Basketball   Final Four-3 weeks after the NCAA Tournament began with 68 teams, only four remains. #1 Seeds North Carolina and Gonzaga, #3 Oregon and #7 South Carolina will battle for the right to advance […]

NBA Update

The Cleveland Cavaliers at one point in the not so distant past had at least a five-game lead while sitting atop of the NBA Eastern Conference. That is now a distant memory as the Boston Celtics led by Isaiah Thomas are on a four-game winning streak and now lead the Cavaliers by half a game. […]

Ray Jr. on Sports

Pitt Pro Day-As the NFL Draft nears, this was a very important day for the University of Pittsburgh NFL Draft prospects (especially those who weren’t invited to the NFL Combine) 14 of those prospects had a chance to market themselves in front of scouts from the Pittsburgh Steelers and several other NFL Teams by performing […]

Best location for spring break

When someone mentions spring break, the majority of people think about wild parties with joyful college girls and boys. However, we should not forget that spring break is an excellent time for family vacations. There are many families who decide to use this period of the year to go on road trips, outdoor camping or […]