Signs of a heart attack in women 

Heart attacks are the number one killer of people in the United States. High blood pressure, lack of exercise and age are often all contributing factors. But it’s important to realize that men and women are different in this scenario. Neither gender has the same symptoms. This article only pertains to those symptoms of women. While heart attacks are never pleasant, it’s good to be prepared. Learn how to spot an attack when it comes on.MORE

Players from HBCUs’ Players can be Hidden Gems

The NFL Draft is fast approaching and the Combines start in less than a week. That’s right many college players are already preparing to take their game to the next level and for many players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the start of the NFL Draft on April 27th will determine if they continue to pursue a dream or give up on a dream.

For those of you who have been paying attention, you already know that players from HBCUs’ have a tougher time getting the attention of the NFL scouts who spend most of their time looking at players from schools like Alabama, Clemson, and USC. I must say that as recent as last year and the year before a couple of NFL teams have been happy that they did not ignore the talent coming out of Black College Football.MORE

Do and Don’ts of Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is not just a room for getting clean; it is a sanctuary where you lock yourself up and spend time grooming and cleaning up. The intimacy of the bathroom is unrivaled, within a home. Did you know that 30% of people dislike having any conversation when in the bathroom? Or that 60% of your friends will judge the cleanliness of your house based on the state of your bathroom? Away from the trivia, bathroom lighting is one of the ways through which to set the ambiance for the spot. Read on as we discuss some dos and don’ts of bathroom lighting.MORE







A Few People you should learn more about during Black History Month

We all know that the main goal of this event is to help Black students realize how rich the history of their race is and to show other people how Black men and women have contributed for the prosperity of our planet. During this month, people usually talk about the most famous Black people in the field of politics, science, mathematics, arts etc. However, there are certain less known Black people who are often left out.

Daisy Bates

Daisy Bates was a prominent civil rights activist in the United States. She was also a successful writer and publisher. What made Daisy Bates famous was her activity during the integration crisis in Little Rock in 1957. She strongly opposed any form of segregation. Before this crisis, Daisy Bates had a very active life. MORE

Ray Brown

Ray Brown was a very popular and famous African-American jazz bassist and cellist born in Pittsburgh. He started taking lessons when he was just eight years old and Jimmy Blanton was one of his main role models. He was one of the first Black persons to perform in many popular places in Pittsburgh.MORE

Macon Bolling Allen

Macon Bolling Allen was born in Indiana in 1816. What makes this person special is the fact that he was the first Black individual to get a license to practice law and the first Black Justice of the Peace. His career was facing many obstacles. He couldn’t work in South Carolina and Maine because people didn’t want to hire a black attorney. He had better luck in Boston, Massachusetts where he eventually opened the first black law office in the US.MORE



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