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Pirates destroy Marlins, Penguins win Game 1 and Warriors are back in the NBA Finals

Memorial Day is certainly a day to remember its purpose: Honoring those who sacrificed their lives to defend our country and for that, we say Thank You to all those who have served or are serving.

Memorial Day 2016 was also a memorable one in the world of sports as several teams played and won amazing and critical games as MLB, NBA and NHL took center stage. MORE



The Art of the Marinade

by: Michael Sheridan

It’s a sad fact that these days it has become almost essential to marinade most cuts of meat, unless you intend to casserole them.

I’ll go into why that is the case a bit later on, but for the time being let’s just examine why we use marinades at all.

Principally there are two reasons. One is to add flavor, and the other is to tenderize. Usually, we are trying to do both.

It’s worth bearing in mind that marinating is a cooking process, even though heat is rarely applied. The importance of recognizing this is that, like any other cooking process, you can overdo it.

It’s not just a case of putting the meat or fish in a sauce and leaving it there until you are ready to use it. Many of the fruit juices we use in marinades, such as lemon and pineapple, contain enzymes that break down proteins. In essence, what they do is digest them.

Leaving meat in them for too long would result in an unpalatable mush. If you want to try this for yourself, leave a piece of pork in fresh pineapple juice overnight and then see what happens when you cook it.

You probably won’t like the result. MORE






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