Your Greatest Mentor Is You!



by: Jonathan G. Michel

Whenever a motivational speaker, or self-help book, as well as any other related materials tell you that you should find yourself a mentor to follow and inspire you, remember that the greatest mentor of all is you.

The others that you have read about will soon fade into your memory, but you will never fade. You’re the only one that you can count on when no one else is around. This is especially true when you’re down and out, because of the law of attraction. Nobody ever wants to be around someone who’s down and out, not even family most of the time, because it hurts them to see you this way.

You can and should look towards others to help you, and encourage you, and you should feel no shame in that. But in the end, when you lay your head to rest at night, you must look inside yourself for it is there that you will find the desire and the will to achieve. If you search deep enough, you’ll find that all that is needed to change your life was within you, all of this time.

Man’s greatest powers are hidden within each and every one of us, so why does he keep looking outside of himself? The greatest of all resources, outweighing any tools, books, tapes, and speakers, are within us. It is our inner strength and the will to beat any circumstances that affect us, whether financial or otherwise. You must look towards you. You must look up to yourself, because you’re the real power!

This is not to say that you will not need mentoring. You must surround yourself with people that think positive, whether through books, seminars, tapes and whatever, especially in the beginning. Mentoring helps to create enthusiasm on the road to self-improvement.

But mentoring yourself is the continuous education you rarely ever received from your parents, your school, and society as a whole. Do I believe in mentoring? Let me put it this way. If it weren’t for all the books I read throughout my career in the corporate structure, and my auto-mentoring techniques that I still use to stay motivated, I would have gave up on life many years ago.

I learnt at a very young age, through my troublesome youth, about the power of my mind. No matter what happened to me, they could never take my spirit away. This is the one thing that kept me going. This is the one thing you own. Don’t take it for granted. It’s your greatest possession. Use it!

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