WHM Exclusive: #MeToo Founder Speaks To Pittsburgh Students and Local Media [AUDIO]


You can’t have a casual conversation that’s too casual without someone using the #MeToo tagline; reminding you that you might be too close to the line of inappropriateness. Men and women of all industries are trying hard (in some workplaces) not to offend anyone in any way due to the seriousness of the current movement that has been known to stop the careers of major celebrities, news anchors, moguls, and athletes.

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Even the Golden Globes paid homage to the message from actresses hanging up the stunning off the runway fashions and literally fading to black. The dresses were designer but the message was simple; we’re not going to be silent anymore!

#MeToo Movement Founder Tarana Burke stopped through Pittsburgh to speak before an audience of women (and a few men) of different ages, sexual preference and ethnicity all eager to hear how she made it possible for them to step out and speak up on sexual assault, abuse, and harassment.

I sat in on a discussion Ms. Burke had with the local press and I asked her how women in the local media, not at the level of Wendy Williams or Angie Martinez can feel confident about speaking up on the issue and feel confident something will be done.

#MeToo founder Tarana Burke talks advocacy in Pittsburgh

She told me (first of all), no one should ever consider Wendy Williams the “super bowl” (I made reference to this because, in the media, her status is a major goal for many women aspiring to be in television or radio). She suggested we bond with each other and create a comfortable network where it’s safe to discuss these things.

In my line of work, it’s not as easy because of so many of us (women) in the media who strive to become the next television or radio star, will do anything to get there. In my opinion, it’s a different playing field when you’re a radio personality versus a television reporter or anchor.

Click the link to hear Ms. Burke speak with the media.


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