UMT Fashion: You Wear It Well: Appropriate Work Attire Tips


Urban Media Today Fashion Contributor, Dianne Lemon, Founder of ENVOI Lifestyle and the Compilation 2.0 fashion series, shares her legendary fashion tips for the working woman.

Fashion contributor, Dianne Lemon

These tips go beyond the black suit, white blouse, eyeglasses, and hair updo. Lemon takes us from the runway to the boardroom and how we can appropriately wear stylish work-wearable fashion between the hours of 9 to 5.

Did you know that studies show that women who dress in seemingly sexy attire are seen as less competent?  You could be the very best at what you do, yet sabotage yourself repeatedly by showing too much cleavage, and too much leg.  It is true that many of these sexy dressing professional women get overlooked when its time for promotion simply because no one ever pointed out to them that they should tone down their appearance.  Save the low-cut tops for Saturday night.

Consider revamping your look to appeal to your work environment.  Look around your office, what are the female VPs wearing?  Don’t attempt to be a clone, rather take cues from top-level females as a compass that will inspire you to rethink some of your less appropriate wardrobe pieces.

  • Dressing professional does not mean dressing dowdy, or dressing in more expensive clothing

Simply put, dressing professionally means dressing to do your job in the least distracting way.  Be well groomed.  Be pleasing to the eyes.  Don’t be over done and inappropriate.  Save the loud bangles for happy hour!

  • Do not try to rebuild your wardrobe all at once 

Gradually redirecting your purchase choices when it comes to work attire is best.  Start with slacks that are less tight.  A pair of nice yet practical shoes.  A blouse, and perhaps a blazer if the environment calls for it. Don’t go into debt for something that can be fixed with a wardrobe audit and a stylist.

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