Your mother is one of the rare persons in your life that you can always trust and rely on. It doesn’t really matter if you are happy or blue, she will always be there for you. Even when the life is cruel and dark, one’s mother is here to provide comfort and improve the mood. From the start of our life, a mother has cared for us and dud her best to make us complete individuals. Of course, each of us has complained that our mothers can be too demanding, nagging or even annoying in some situations, the fact is that we always miss our mothers when they are not here.

This is one of the reasons why people developed Mother’s day. Contrary to popular belief, this tradition is very old. The ancient Romans and Greeks decided to dedicate one day in the year to praise the God of mothers and to give presents to their own mothers. Even though these traditions were modified over all these centuries, the essence is still the same – we use this day to give salute to mothers, to show them our appreciation. The tradition we see now worldwide has its roots in Europe. People in Europe have set one Sunday in the year and dedicated this day to honoring mothers. Today, it is widely accepted that the second Sunday of May is actually Mother’s Day.


It is very important to pay respect to the individual who is constantly taking care of us even when we are adults. The fact is that motherhood develops a bond with the child that many people can’t understand (unless they are mothers). Even though kids leave their mothers when they become adults, the special bond they have never fades away. Many people say that a mother’s love is the purest and strongest form of love.

We should never forget that without our mothers, we would not be here. People usually love to celebrate religious and civil holidays, so celebrating a holiday dedicated to mothers is definitely reasonable. The fact is that paying respect and saluting our mothers’ dedication on one day every year is not enough, but it is definitely a good gesture. Of course, our mothers are just humans, but every individual should love and respect their mothers even if they have some weaknesses.

The second Sunday of May is a great event used by people to honor their mothers and they usually use this day to give gifts and express their affection and love. You can do every day, but having a special event is very convenient because not all people have the time and money to do this all the time. There are many people who believe that this holiday should not be marked by saying that moms are respected all the time, but for those who truly love their mothers, the second Sunday of May is special. For those who celebrate all that their mother does for them, it’s important to show them how much they mean to you. Some kids will purchase their mother a special gift to show their mother how valued she is. Perhaps some kids might want to purchase their mother a Wonder Woman bracelet, especially if they see their mother as a superhero. That would be a symbol of women empowerment and it would show your mother how amazing she is. Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t always about the gifts, but thoughtful gifts like that are always appreciated by Mother’s.

So, this Mother’s Day, use the occasion to give a special gift to your mother and show your love, respect and appreciation for everything they have done and still do for you.



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