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  1. As we all know; the Pitt Panthers basketball team is looking for a new head coach after the departure of longtime head coach Jaime Dixon. And the search is on.
  2. But that search will not include Sean & Archie Miller, Pittsburgh natives (the former being a Pitt native) who reported that they’re not interested in the Pitt job.
  3. Sean Miller left a statement, saying that he’s very content being the HC at Arizona & Archie is cool at Dayton-and for good measure was just given a contract extension at the school.
  4. Pitt assistant coach (and former player) Brandin Knight made it known that he’s also interested, but not much more is known about that.
  5. Here’s who Pitt is possibly looking at to replace Dixon: Valparaiso’s Bryce Drew, USC’s Andy Enfield, Alabama-Birmingham’s Jerod Haase, Butler’s Chris Holtmann, Monmouth’s King Rice, George Washington’s Mike Lonegran, Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Linc Darner, Arkansas-Little Rock’s Chris Beard, Rhode Island’s Danny Hurley.
  6. From what I read, I would choose either Drew or Enfield. Why? Their qualifications. Drew has a 123-48 record & has been to the NCAA Tournament in years past. Same with Enfield-and the locals would really like him because he’s a Shippensburg native.
  7. As for Dixon, he has made TCU very happy, but the question is, can he turn around their fortunes? There’s a reason why TCU’s football team is what make’s that school’s athletics. Once the celebration dies down, the school will need to be patient with Dixon because they will need some work.
  8. I also appreciated how Dixon left Pitt-the right way. He had been talking to the AD, and had a talk with his players-and recruits. That’s how you do it.
  9. As for the NCAA tournament, it’s Sweet 16 time now & there are 6 teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) among those 16. That’s an NCAA record.
  10. North Carolina, Virginia, Duke, Miami, Notre Dame &. I still can’t believe it Syracuse will be battling to get to the Elite Eight. Pretty impressive.
  11. My pick to win it all is North Carolina. Why not stick within the conference? Of course, provided they can get past #1 overall Seed-Kansas.
  12. As for the NFL; let’s be honest: When don’t they make news? Of course it’s still the free agent period and QB Robert Griffin III has found a new team. The Cleveland Browns.
  13. No offense to Brown’s fans, but come on Robert, ‘let the buyer beware.’ It’s not easy being a QB in Cleveland. The other 24 QBs who played for that team since 1999 can certainly tell him that.
  14. So apparently the chop block is now gone, eh? How will those offensive line men live? Plus, a player will now get ejected if he has 2 personal fouls in one game.
  15. Nothing going on with the Steelers lately. It seems like they may have slowed down from Free Agent shopping-at least until after the NFL Draft.
  16. It’s very noble that Steelers WR Martavis Bryant publicly apologized for his year-long suspension. That’s a sign of maturity. Now the other sign is getting his life in order.
  17. As for the NBA, the playoffs get even closer, and of course the Golden State Warriors are still the best at 64-7-just 8 more wins to tie the Chicago Bulls 1995-96 record 72-10 season. Can they do it, I still doubt it, but it will be close.

18.San Antonio is still second best at 60-11. They can also still finish the season with 70 wins, now that would be something.

  1. On the flip side, the Philadelphia 76ers are 9-63. They have a shot at losing 70 games, something I’m sure they’re trying like everything to avoid. 12 wins can do it.
  2. Sad to hear that New Orleans Pelicans C Anthony Davis is out for the rest of the season due to injury. He’s truly the NBA’s ‘next’ prayers for his healing & recovery & that he’ll bounce back next season.

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